Ufone Internet Settings For Android Phones, iPhone, Windows Phone

In Pakistan different Telecom companies are providing different internet packages for mobile users, today we are sharing Ufone internet settings for android phones, iPhone, windows phone so must read all information. In Pakistan after 2G internet now 3G and 4G internet is available for all mobile users and that is the reason different mobile internet ratio is increasing day by day. In 2014 year Government of Pakistan was offered 3G and 4G technology for all companies and almost all companies purchased 3G internet technology included Ufone Company and Warid, Zong purchased 3G, 4G both internet technology. Ufone internet packages are best for mobile usage and Laptop usage yes you can use Ufone internet on laptop through hot sport shield so Ufone internet packages is best for mobile and laptop both devices.

Ufone Internet Settings For Android Phones, iPhone, Windows Phone

Ufone Internet Settings For Android Phones, iphone, Windows Phone

Ufone Internet Settings For Android Phones:

  • Go to setting ( open ) Wireless and Networks (after this open) Mobile Networks ( after this open) Access point Name
  • Now press the “Menu” key  (now Select) New APN
  • Now your hand-set is ready to serve the 3G

Other Setting:

  • Name: Ufone Internet
  • APN: Ufone. Pinternet
  • MCC: 410
  • MNC: 01
  • Leave all other field blank
  • Now Save this settings
  • When you restart your mobile enter 1234 as a PIN code
  • open your mobile internet browser to make sure if the internet settings are properly installed.

Ufone Internet Settings For iPhone:

  • Open “Settings >>>>> and select “General Network” <<<< (now select) Cllular Data Network
  • Now after this set enters below setting
  • APN: Ufone.pinternet
  • Users Name: by default
  • Password: by Default

Ufone Internet Settings For Windows Phone:

  • MCC—– 410
  • NC—-01

Manual Mobile Interent Settings for Ufone Window phone:

APN: Ufone.pinternet

Login Nmae: Black

Password: Black

Authentication: Normal

Wapgateway IP/ Proxy Server Address:  Black

DNS Server:  blank

Phone IP Address:   Automatic

Port: 8080

Connection tye: HTTP

Networ type: IPv4

So these are all the settings for Ufone Internet settings for android phones, iphone, windows phone. Hopefully you have understand all these process but in case you have any question in your mind set relating this post you can ask me via comment box.

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