Ufone International Call Rates Packages 2019

Now you can call to international numbers by checking Ufone International Call Rates Packages 2019. In Pakistan, different companies are offering Internet Packages to their customers. Ufone has also introduced international call packages 2019 for Turkey Uae Saudi Arabia. Here we want to mention 10 to 15 years ago you must have to know one Ufone sim price is based on 5 to 7 thousand rupees and now these days with 100 rupees balance Ufone sim is available free of cost. this all example is showing due to different telecom companies competition telecom users are getting very big benefit in form of low packages rate. Girls and boys if your friends and family member is living in abroad and you want to make a call in abroad then do not wait I internet different software just dial your friends and family number through Ufone with reasonable price rates. In below side Ufone international call Rates 2019is available according to country name.

Ufone International Call Rates Packages 2019

Ufone is offering IDD bundles to its customers so that they can call to their beloved ones who are living in abroad. There are different Ufone International Call Packages 2019 that a Ufone user can activate by dialing its activation codes. All the details of these packages will be available in below side.

Ufone International Call Packages 2018 Rates

Ufone International Call Packages 2019:

Ufone is offering Different Ufone International Call Packages 2019 to its customers. In the following side you are getting the Ufone IDD bundles 2019 for different countries. You can subscribe any package according to your desire and the country you want to call.

Packages Subscription No of Minutes Validity Activation SMS code
Package 1 RS 100 + Tax 120 Minutes 14 Days 711
Package 2 RS 50 + Tax 60 Minutes 7 Days 712
Package 3 RS 10 + Tax 10 Minutes Same day till midnight *2244#

Ufone International Call Rates 2019:

In the below side, we are sharing Ufone International Call Rates 2019. In case, if the charges for call step change, you can visit the official website becuase the Ufone has authority to change or to keep these offers at any time.

Country Destination Rs/min
Afghanistan Fixed 12.99
Australia Fixed 2.2
Bahrain Fixed 9.99
Bangladesh Fixed 8.99
Belgium***** Fixed 3.99
Brazil Fixed 11.95
China Fixed 2.2
Denmark Fixed 2.2
Egypt Fixed 16.99
France Fixed 2.2
Germany* Fixed 2.2
Greece Fixed 3.99
Hong Kong Fixed 2.2
India Fixed 8.99
Indonesia Fixed 8.99
Iran Fixed 12.99
Iraq Fixed 25
Ireland Fixed 3.99
Italy*** Fixed 2.2
Japan Fixed 3.99
Jordan Fixed 12.99
Kuwait Fixed 8.99
Malaysia Fixed 3.99
Netherlands Fixed 2.2
Norway Fixed 2.2
Oman Fixed 10.99
Philippines Fixed 16.99
Qatar Fixed 12.99
Russian Federation Fixed 8.99
Saudi Arabia Fixed 8.99
South Africa Fixed 8.99
South Korea Fixed 3.99
Spain Fixed 2.2
Sri Lanka Fixed 8.99
Sweden Fixed 5
Thailand Fixed 8.99
Turkey Fixed 8.99
UAE Fixed 11.50
UK** Fixed 2.2
USA/Canada Fixed 2.2
Uzbekistan Fixed 16.99
Yemen Fixed 16.99
Country Destination Rs/min
**UK Mobile 12.99
Afghanistan Mobile 17.95
Australia Mobile 12.99
Bahrain Mobile 9.99
Bangladesh Mobile 9.99
Belgium***** Mobile 16.99
Brazil Mobile 17.93
China Mobile 2.2
Denmark Mobile 16.99
Egypt Mobile 16.99
France Mobile 12.99
Germany Mobile 16.99
Greece Mobile 16.99
Hong Kong Mobile 2.2
India Mobile 9.99
Indonesia Mobile 16.99
Iran Mobile 12.99
Iraq Mobile 25
Ireland Mobile 29.99
Italy Mobile 16.99
Japan Mobile 12.99
Jordan Mobile 16.99
Kuwait Mobile 9.99
Malaysia Mobile 9.99
Netherlands Mobile 16.99
Norway Mobile 16.99
Oman Mobile 19.99
Philippines Mobile 12.99
Qatar Mobile 16.99
Russian Federation^ Mobile 25.00
Saudi Arabia Mobile 9.98
South Africa Mobile 16.99
South Korea Mobile 10.99
Spain Mobile 16.99
Sri Lanka Mobile 10.99
Sweden Mobile 15
Thailand Mobile 9.99
Turkey Mobile 12.99
UAE Mobile 11.50
USA/Canada Mobile 2.2
Uzbekistan Mobile 16.99
Yemen Mobile 16.99

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