Ufone 3G Settings For Android Mobile Phones, Tablets, APN Code

Have you bought an android phone using Ufone network and now you want to activate 3G on this handset? You are here on the right pag where you will get the method and process of Ufone 3g settings for android Mobile Phones, Tablets, APN Code. After these setting you will then be able to use internet on your mobile. When your handset will enable to internet it will allows you to use WhatsApp, facebook, instagram as well as you can also use MMS and other browsing that is not possible without Ufone 3G settings for android mobile phones. These days’ mobile networking companies have upgraded their technologies that are why they provide auto settings for android phones. But there are some phones in which you have to put manual settings. After that the Ufone internet settings are successfully installed into your android mobile phone you are now able to experience the best and the fastest internet speed that you have never been experienced before. So keep on reading now to get Ufone 3G settings for android mobile phone, tables, APN code and see how you’re mobile is going to turned into the net using device.

Ufone 3G Settings For Android Mobile Phones, Tablets, APN Code

Ufone 3G Settings For Android Mobile Phones, Tablets, APN Code

Ufone 3G Settings for Android Method

  • Go to settings
  • Tap for Wireless and Networks /
  • Tap on Mobile Network “On” (On Mobile Data)
  • Touch on Mobile Networks Option
  • Tap on Access Point Names and Press Manu Button

Ufone 3G Settings For Android Code

When you have done to above written method and reached to the access point names, here you will see a form or options that will require some query and you have to fill this page as written below.

  • Name: ufone internet
  • APN: ufone.pinternet
  • APN Type: internet

Other Settings If Your Handset Requires

  • MCC: 410
  • MNC:01
  • Leave all other queries blank
  • Tap on save settings
  • Once restart your mobile and all it done
  • On restart if your mobile ask a PIN then enter 1234 as a special PIN and that’s it…

So this is the complete method about Ufone 3G settings for android mobile phones, tablets, APN code. The above written method is for both mobile and tablets which are running an android operating system. Above all if you buy a latest handset you have call on 333 and then tap 0 to talk to a Ufone customer care representative and tell him/ her the model number of your mobile. They will automatically save above written settings in to your hand set. Hopefully you are all now clear about all this method but in case you have any confusion or query you can ask me via comments below.

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