PTCL Wireless Internet Packages 2021

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL has introduced PTCL Wireless Internet Packages 2021 for its customers. In Pakistan internet user’s ratio is increasing day by day because private and government majority workload has transferred to the internet and this is a reality without internet our working routine face lot of disturbance. Here we are discussing PTCL wireless internet packages details on this page because according to research and internet users’ feedback Pakistan number one internet connection is PTCL. PTCL 26% share sold by the government of Pakistan to a private company and other all still held by Government of Pakistan. After privatization of PTCL, this company services improved so must avail PTCL internet packages 2021 for fastest internet. In the term of wireless internet, internet devices are also performing wireless activities. By PTCL Evo Charji packages are providing you better for it. In the following side, you are getting PTCL wireless broadband internet packages.

PTCL Wireless Internet Packages 2021

PTCL is offering various PTCL Wireless Internet Packages to its customers. Users can activate these Internet packages by checking their monthly charges details, which we are sharing in the below-given table along with the available MBs for usage.

PTCL Wireless Internet Packages 2021

PTCL Wireless Internet Packages 2021:

PTCL is offering PTCL Internet Packages through EVO devices. There are various internet packages which are given in the below table along with their download limit detail and monthly charges detail.

Charji 20GBRs 100030 Days
Charji 30GBRs 125030 Days
Charji 50GBRs 150030 Days
Charji 75GBRs 200030 Days
Charji 100GBRs 250030 Days
EVO DayPass3GBRs. 342/2 Day2 Days
EVO GO 5GBRs. 1,14030 Days
EVO LITE 20GBRs. 1,36830 Days
EVO MaxUnlimitedRs. 2,39430 Days
EVO 256KbpsUnlimitedRs. 1,48230 Days
EVO 3.1Mbps Basic30GBRs. 2,10030 Days
EVO 3.1Mbps 20GB30GBRs.1,19930 Days
EVO 256KbpsUnlimitedRs.1,19930 Days
EVO Wi-Fi Cloud Basic30GBRs. 2,10030 Days
EVO Wi-Fi Cloud 20GB20GBRs.1,19930 Days
Nitro Cloud Basic30GBRs.3,00030 Days
Nitro Cloud 20GB20GBRs.1,49930 Days
EVO Wingle Basic30GBRs.2,50030 Days
EVO Wingle 20G20GBRs.1,49930 Days

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