Jazz 4G Internet Packages And Settings 2019

Like other networks, Jazz 4G Internet Packages And Settings 2019 are also available to this website. Jazz is always bringing innovations for his valuable customers. Moreover, the Jazz has joined hands with Warid and both are providing Jazz Warid internet packages 2019. But it is because this post I am writing just for the sake of jazz customers, so you will able to check all daily, weekly and monthly internet packages along with their settings. These packages are just providing you the best rating and economical bundles which will leads you towards the best internet data bundles. Just stay in tune with this page to get more about jazz 4G internet packages details.

Jazz 4G Internet Packages And Settings 2019

Jazz is offering various 4G internet Packages to its customers. Before subscribing to any package, it is compulsory for jazz customers to do internet settings. We are sharing the Internet Settings for Jazz users that you can manually do in your Android Smartphones.

Jazz 4G Internet Packages And Settings 2019

Jazz 4G Daily Internet Packages 2019:

Jazz customers who are looking for daily internet packages can subscribe to Jazz 4G daily Internet Packages 2019. In the following side, you can check the different internet packages on a daily basis including daily social packages and many others. Furthermore, you can also check the activation codes and their prices.

Package NameVolume ChargesValiditySubscription Code
Jazz Daily Browser Internet Package50 MB InternetRS 101 Day*117*11#
Jazz Daily Social Internet Package 2019500 MB for Facebook and WhatsappRS 524 Hours*114*5#
Jazz Daily Data Bundle100 MB (1100 MB during 2 Am to 2 PM)RS 201 Day*117*4#

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Jazz 4G Weekly Internet Packages 2019:

Like daily internet packages, you can also activate Jazz 4G Weekly Internet Packages 2019. The activation codes for these internet packages are given in the below side for each weekly package. So activate these internet packages by dialing the activation codes of your favorite weekly bundle.

Package NameVolume ChargesValiditySubscription Code
Jazz Weekly Premium 4G Internet Package 20192000 MB InternetRS 1107 Days*117*47#
Jazz Weekly Mega Internet Package 20194000 MB InternetRS 1607 Days*159#
Jazz Weekly Streamer Internet Package 2019750 MB InternetRS 807 Days*117*7#
Weekly Mega Plus2000 MB RS 2007 Days*453#
Jazz Weekly Extreme2500 MBRS 607 Days (2 Am to 2 PM)*117*14#

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Jazz 4G Monthly Internet Packages 2019:

There are also some Jazz customers who are looking for the Jazz 4G Monthly Internet Packages 2019. The package prices and their activation codes are given in the below table. Just simply dial the activation code and enjoy 4G internet speed for a whole month through these monthly internet packages.

Package NameVolume ChargesValiditySubscription Code
Jazz Monthly Extreme Internet Package 20195000 MB InternetRS 10030 days (2 am to 2 PM)*117*34#
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Internet Package 20197500 MB internetRS 50030 Days*117*30#
Jazz Monthly Supreme Internet Package 201912000 MB internetRS 75030 days*117*32#

Jazz 4G Internet Settings:

  • Go to settings of your android smartphone
  • tap on more and or tap on mobile network data

after that you have to write the following information in that information criterion like

  • In Access Name: Select Mobilink
  • In APN Number of Prepaid: Write or select Jazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com
  • APN Number for Postpaid:          connect.mobilinkworld.com
  • Save all these settings that are mention on the above side
  • Keep in Mind Services charges of this offer is totally free of cost.

Note:- Nowadays all the new and latest android mobiles have auto settings from each network. You just have to insert the new sim and settings will be received on your cell in a few seconds. you just have to install that settings into your mobile and settings will be installed into your mobile.

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