Jazz 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2022

Mobile Internet users can check Jazz 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2022. Jazz has introduced 4G Wifi devices for the customers whose only usage is the internet and they want to carry their internet devices along with them. Furthermore, Jazz has introduced different Jazz 4G Wifi device Packages 2022 for its customers so that they can choose the best internet plan according to their usage. Here in this post, I am discussing the Jazz 4G Wifi device price so if you are going to purchase then you must know the price. By way of this post, you will see how efficient the opportunity you have gained by Mobilink jazz to use the fastest internet with 4G speed which was never before. You can use this device for your home as well as if you want to use it on the office level for professional purposes then it is best for speed and cost-efficient. Jazz internet devices are providing you with lots of benefits with the lowest charges. You can enjoy huge benefits with the fastest speed and the details are written below. Just keep on reading this post to know the details about the jazz 4G Wifi device price and package.

Jazz 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2022

Jazz was previously offering Jazz Plug play devices for internet usage but with the advancement of time, it has also introduced Wifi devices for its customers too. Jazz 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2022 is given in below for the customer so that in case, they are willing to purchase a new device or looking for packages then they must have complete information.

Jazz 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2022


Jazz 4G Wifi Device Price 2022:

There are basically two different devices being offered to Jazz customers including Jazz Super 4G Wifi Device and Jazz Super 4G single device. Both devices have different prices and different functions which are given as follows.

Jazz SUPER 4G Wifi Device:

  • Price: Rs.4200
  • 4G speed up to 150 MBPS
  • 2300 MAH battery
  • one tap setting through the mobile app
  • WPS wifi
  • 12 devices can be connected at one time
  • Micro SD card supported up to 32 GB

Jazz 4G Wingle Device Price:

  • Price: Rs.3000
  • 4G speed up to 150 MBPS
  •  Sleek portable USB Design
  • Plug and Play No Installation
  • Connect 12 WIFi devices simultaneously
  • Micro SD card supported up to 32 GB
  • One tap setting through the mobile app

Jazz Home Wifi:

  • Price: 5500
  • Long Range
  • Speed up to 150Mbps
  • Dial *5299# for home delivery

Jazz 4G Wifi Device Packages 2022:

Here we are sharing Jazz 4G Wifi Device Packages 2022 for the customers so that they can activate any of the following packages to enjoy super 4G speed on their devices through Jazz 4G devices.

Offer Name Data Duration Charges
Monthly Internet Package 25GB 30 Days 1050
Monthly Internet Package 60GB 30 Days 1850
Monthly Internet Package 100GB 30 Days 2100
Monthly Internet Package 150GB 30 Days 2600
3 Month Package 50GB 3 Month 5750
6 Month Package 100GB 6 Month 12500

Note: These packages are for both the Jazz 4G wifi Device and the Jazz 4G Wingle Device.

Jazz 4G Device Packages Weekly

Jazz has not introduced the 4G package on weekly basis. Moreover, they have introduced some monthly, 3-month, and 6-month packages. In addition, if they introduce the weekly package then we will share it with the audience.

Jazz 4G Device Packages Monthly

Package 1:

  • 25 GB Data
  • Duration of Package 30 days
  • Monthly Charges RS: 1050 rupees.

Package 2:

  • The data bundle is 60GB.
  • 30 days is the duration.
  • RS: 1850 rupees is the package price.

Package 3:

  • The total Data volume is 100GB.
  • The total price of the package is RS: 2100.
  • The duration of the Package is 30 days.

Package 4:

  • Data volume is 150 GB
  • The duration of the Package is 30 days.
  • The price of the Package is Rupees: 2600

Jazz 4G Device Packages 6 Months

Till now, they have launched one offer for 6-month durations as well the package price is 12500 rupees. Further, details about MBs, and duration is going to be listed below.

  • The bundle volume is 100GB.
  • The duration of this package is 180 days (3 Months).
  • The package price is RS:12500.

Jazz 4G Device Charging Indicator

People who do not know about changing indicators now can check and read the indicators.

  • If your battery is remaining above 20% then the green light will show.
  • If your device battery is less than 20% then the red light will show.

Jazz 4G Device Change Password

Jazz company gives the option to change the password because when the company issues the device then activates the standard username and password. After buying consumers can easily change the password. Further, when you will open the backside of the device then all instructions are mentioned on this page.

How to Activate Your Jazz 4G Wifi Device:

Hence these are all the details about Jazz 4G wifi device price and packages 2022 with device features. You can buy online Jazz 4G device while the Jazz 4G Wingle can be bought from any Jazz franchise after your PTA attestation. You have to bring a CNIC card and photocopy along with you. Device and Jazz 4G sim will be issued against your CNIC and PTA biometric system. After buying a device you have to open it and insert the battery after carefully opening its back cover. When you turn on the Jazz 4G device and will try to connect it to your mobile or PC it will require a password which is written on the back cover. It is written as your SSID number as your password to activate a jazz 4G device. Dial *5299# for home delivery.

Jazz 4G Wifi Device Price And Packages 2022

Jazz 4G Device Packages Unlimited

Till now, Jazz 4G device packages have not been uploaded on the official page as well people can visit the nearest outlet of Jazz company. Moreover, we have mentioned all 4g packages with price, durations, and bundle mentioned above and people can check the price and package before subscription from this page.

Jazz 4G Device Packages Monthly with Price

Just only four packages have been introduced by the Jazz Company as well price of all packages, along with price, bundle, and duration is mentioned. On the other hand, in the coming days, they will introduce some new packages then we will share them with the people who like the Jazz network.

These are complete details about Jazz 4G wifi device prices and packages 2022. For any further details relating to FAQs or queries, you can send your comments in the following comments box.



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