How To Recharge Wi-tribe Card Via SMS Code Bill Payment Method

If your home, office or any other place internet connection is Wi-tribe and you are searching How to Recharge Wi-tribe Card Via sms Code Bill Payment Method  then yes you are a right place because in further details we are sharing Wi-tribe internet connection monthly bill payment method through SMS. W-Tribe is well reputed internet Provider Company that is operate through Qatar based owner. Wi-tribe is providing fastest internet services through different internet packages. Wi-tribe is working in different country and if you want to get Wi-tribe Pakistan services then we want to mention where Wi-tribe stable signal is working perfectly, you can get fastest internet according to your internet requirement. If you are thinking which one connection is best in Pakistan then this is a reality PTCL service is good but this telecom company after sale service is still very bad that is the reason Wi-tribe company internet demand is increase day by day in internet users.

How To Recharge Wi-tribe Card Via SMS Code Bill Payment Method 

How To Recharge Wi-Tribe Card Via Sms Code Bill Payment Method

How To Recharge Wi-tribe monthly bill Via SMS:

  • Wi-tribe is giving different method for bill recharge like through Wi-tribe customer login easy method is available for all Wi-trible users but this is reality people want to recharge Wi-Tribe monthly bill through SMS because SMS short message service is very user friendly method.
  • Different amount Wi-tribe Card is available in Market like you can get 100, 1000, 250 PKR amount Wi-Tribe Card.
  • Just Rub card and get hidden number that is mention on every Wi-Tribe card.
  • Open new write SMS
  • Type “ Pay” <Space> CustomerID <Space> Scratch Card and send to 9143
  • According to Wi-Tribe website 5 scratch cards will send through one SMS but my last days experience is totally different. So according to my experience unlimited scratch card will send through one SMS for recharge.

after How To Recharge Wi-tribe Card Via SMS Code Bill Payment Method details if you want to get different internet companies recharge method then visit this website main home page.

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