How To Install Windows 8 From DVD Step By Step

if you want to get details about How To Install Windows 8 From DVD Step By Step then yes you car at right place because after this paragraph you can get few easy step that will explain all method that is related with Window 8 installation. on beginning stage we want to mention method is very easy and quick so do not worry if you are installing window 8 first time. After window 7 Microsoft Company is developed window 8 for PC, Laptop, tablet and any other device that is run through personal computer operating system. This is reality in window 8 unique and latest Features is added by Microsoft Company and if you are using Android and IOS system in mobile then you can easily understand windo 8 features. this is a reality after xp window mostly people cannot installed window 7 due to using problem because that time people are thinking window 7 is very hard to use as compare to window XP and these days same problem is attach with people thinking so through this platform we want to mention Window 8 is very user friendly so must try it.

How To Install Windows 8 From DVD Step By Step

How To Install Windows 8 From Dvd Step By Step

How To Install Windows 8 From DVD Step By Step:

  • Purchase Window 8 DVD through retailer
  • Turn on your PC or Laptop normally
  • installed dvd and shut down your pc
  • restart your pc and press any Key taht will boot DVD like F1, F2
  • open boot manue
  • change boot order in BIOS and UEFI setting through this step your PC boots through media
  • on install windows pag select language and tap on next
  • Click on Install window option
  • now enter the Product Key for windows pages activation
  • must read wondow license term and condition
  • accept license term and condition
  • select Custom type for installation
  • select place where you want to install window
  • for window 8 click on drive option advanced
  • follow further instration
  • when formatting will finish then click on next option
  • only forllow few instration and finish installing window
  • through this spet you can install windoe 8

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