How To Increase Smartphone Battery Backup Life In Urdu

How to increase Smartphone battery backup life in Urdu you can get the interesting information here we describe in detail method How can you save Smart Phone battery. Smart phone have lot of quality and great feature but only one problem smart phone user face only one problem that is battery problem. if you play music or games than Smart phone battery low. But do not worry we have solution for Smart phone user  when they use this method than they use smart phone and use lot of feature without any tension. Smart phone official technology department head Michal Woolf give press release the smart phone have big screen and high processes that must use more energy as compare to other mobile phone. According to him the main the screen of Smart phone use extra battery reason only the brightness of color resolution. he give some solution we can explain in point in following space.

  1. Smart phone user must use phone with low screen light they go to brightness option and select low option.
  2. second option is smart phone user change auto lock option they go to auto lock setting and select minimum time when auto lock active reason is through this screen light off quickly.
  3. Smart phone user can on light adjustment this option save battery.
  4. smart phone user off wifi, Bluetooth, Camera and other app when they not use these things.

how to increase smartphone battery backup life in urdu

When smart phone user uses this method when they save battery and use smart phone extra time so keep in touch and get how to increase Smartphone battery backup life in Urdu or lot of more like this. This is the only technology website that provides you lot of interesting news regarding technology.


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