How To Deactivate Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Mini

Through this page, you can get details about How To Deactivate Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Mini so read further details that are given to this website. In Pakistan, different telecom companies are providing different internet packages for mobile internet users that is the reason, we are selecting zong internet packages activation and deactivation details because according to my experience zong is one and only telecom company that is providing fastest 4G internet service in Pakistan. Usually, we are getting internet packages and after a long time due to some reason internet package is useless for us so that time we are requiring information how to deactivate Zong daily internet package, weekly internet package, and Zong monthly internet package with the easy and quick method. girls and boys this service is offered by Zong so you can easily deactivate your zong package with the quick and easy method that is available in below side.

How To Deactivate Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Mini

Zong users who are looking for the How to deactivate zong internet packages can check the complete details. There are many reasons to unsubscribe to these packages. Sometimes a person may want to deactivate a package because he has subscribed to another package. So what is the reason, you can simply check the procedure for deactivation of these Zong internet packages 2019.

How To Deactivate Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Mini

How to Deactivate Zong Daily Internet Package:

Zong daily Internet package users can check How to deactivate Zong Daily internet Package by dialing a simple code. All Zong customer can deactivate their zong daily max bundle by dialing *5#.

How To Deactivate Zong Weekly Internet Package:

The Procedure for how to deactivate Zong Weekly Internet Package is the same but the code is different. A person can dial *2*2# in order to deactivate any of the internet packages. It is mentioned that there is no message service for deactivation of a weekly internet package.

How To Deactivate Zong Monthly Internet Package:

Zong has not given the deactivation for the monthly internet package. But in case you still want to deactivate any Zong internet offer you can call at 310 and then dial 0 to talk with the customer care presenter. You can also send Unsub to 909 in order to deactivate any Internet Package by Zong.

after this information, if you want to know How To Deactivate Zong Internet Packages, then visit this website main home page because all telecom companies call, SMS and internet details is available with code.

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  1. kindly boss tell us how to deactivate the monthly internet package is there any other option to unsubscribe i mean to say if help line doesnt work then what we have to do

  2. can any body tell me how to deactivate internet option in nokia-3310 bcoz zong customer care service tell me i m using internet in nokia-3310 on daily basis

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