How To Check Remaining MBs In Zong 4G Device

All the Zong users who are using Zong 4G device can check How To Check Remaining MBs In Zong 4G Device procedure. Remember that using a Zong 4G internet package on mobile is quite different than the usage of Zong 4G internet device. In the case of mobile sim it is easier and mostly we are familiar with the procedure of checking remaining MBs, but when you have a device and you have to check the balance data than what would you do for checking remaining Data in Zong 4G sim? Before reading the process about it you should have to be familiar with the initial process that starts by buying a Zong 4G device. The complete procedure for checking the Remaining data in the Zong 4G device is given to this website.

How To Check Remaining MBs In Zong 4G Device

Now Zong users can choose Zong 4G bolt, Zong 4G Bolt plus and Zong 4G Bolt Plus fiber home devices. No matter whichever Zong device you are using, you can check remaining MBs by following the same procedure.

How To Check Remaining Mbs, Data In Zong 4G Device

How To Check Remaining MBs In Zong 4G Device Through Zong Masters Number:

If you are looking for the procedure for how to check remaining MBs in Zong 4G device through Master number then follow the below procedure. You can also check what is the Zong master number and other details about the internet device.

  • When you buy a Zong 4G device you have to give a number during filling your form at the franchise. That mobile number is called as your Zong master number.
  • When you unbox the Zong device you will get a Sim inside it. This sim is known as Zong MBB Number. On this sim jacket, you will see a number written by the company on it. This number is called your Zong device MBB number.

So now if you want to check Zong remaining MBs through SMS you have to dial *6767# from your master number. You will get options on your mobile screen and you have to choose the number for the balance check. As you reply with your specified number as your balance inquiry will be sent through a message on your number.

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How To Check Remaining Data In Zong 4G Device Through My Zong App:

In case you are going to check Zong remaining MBs through the internetyou have to do the following steps

  • Download My Zong App for your mobile
  • Register your Zong MBB number with your My Zong App
  • Sign In to App by using Admin (username) and Admin (Password)
  • Your Mobile will be activated and connected with your Zong 4G device
  • Now click on the usage detail to check your remaining MBs
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This is the complete method for How To Check Remaining MBs / Data In Zong 4G Device. But in case you have any query or inquiry relating to this post you can ask me via the comments box below

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