How To Change Evo Charji Cloud Password In Urdu

If you are using a PTCL EVO Charji Cloud Wifi device and want to change its password then check how to change EVO Charji Cloud password in Urdu. But before starting the tutorial I would like to share some important instructions relating to this simple and easiest procedure. there are various reasons behind a password change; first of all one change it due to the password lost or hacked, secondly you change the password in case you of slowing down the internet speed or there could be any third reason behind this changing. So in any of the case, the method of changing the password of EVO Charji Cloud would be the same. this is a very easy method and suggest you change the password after six months of using the same password. These days the biggest reason is, there are different mobile and PC applications are available online through which one can easily hack your Wifi Evo Charji password without noticing you.

How To Change Evo Charji Cloud Password In Urdu

In results, even with a good speed, your internet will not work properly which is a big hitch for most people. If you are also involved in any of these conditions then keep on reading this post and get the method about how to change EVO Charji Cloud password in Urdu.

How To Change Evo Charji Cloud Password In Urdu

How To Change Evo Charji Cloud Password:

If you want to check How To Change Evo Charji Cloud Password, you must have to be properly connected to your computer and then you will do the following procedure such as…

  • Connect your EVO Charji Cloud with your computer or laptop
  • Open the internet browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini or anyone you have
  • Now in the link bar, you have to type the IP Address and press enter
  • Here is a prompt box asking for Account ID and Password you have to type admin in both the boxes and press login
  • Now you will see the admin page where you can manage your PTCL EVO Charji Cloud device
  • On the top of this page, you will see different options like WLAN, Settings, and Wifi
  • Click On the Wifi Icon on the top of the page
  • Now on the left side, you have to click on basics
  • Now in the pre-shared box, you can write your own password whichever you want
  • Click on apply button that’s it
  • All the devices including this one will be disconnected
  • In order to reconnect the devices you have to retype the new password you have applied in pre-shared box
  • You can also Visit the franchise

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So these are all the details about how to change Evo Charji Cloud password in Urdu. Hope you have got what I wrote in this post but in case you have any confusion relating to this post you can send in the following comment box.

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