How To Block Ufone Promotional Messages

We are selecting very important information for all Ufone users those want to block Ufone Promotional message so must read How To Block Ufone Promotional Messages. This is a reality and according to my personal experience in one day 5 to 6 SMS send by Ufone  and if you are busy then this one thing is most disturbing. Ufone is always thinking about customer that is the reason Promotional SMS block option is available by Ufone so must try to avail if you want to block Ufone promotional SMS.

How To Block Ufone Promotional Messages

How To Block Ufone Promotional Messages

How To Block Ufone Promotional Messages:

Just dial 25625

After this select language

Now select 4 options through press 4

Now through above side steps your Ufone unnecessary promotional SMS will Block


After this procedure within 7 working days your promotional SMS will block but keep in mind those promotional SMS that will base on new offers cannot block by this procedure.

Charges of Ufone Block SMS Services:

If you are thinking this promotional SMS services block procedure will expensive and take extra charges then do not worried because How To Block Ufone Promotional Messages all procedure is totally free of cost.

Why People want to Block Promotional SMS:

Due to disturbance Ufone users want to avail this offer due to unlimited promotional SMS, This is a fact Telecom user avail service connection offer after deep research and after one time selection they cannot change that offer so In this situation Ufone users are feeling disturbance due to Ufone different promotional SMS.

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