How To Block Jazz Promotional SMS/Calls Free

Jazz users can check How To Block Jazz Promotional SMS/Calls Free of cost. If you want to block your Jazz telecom connection promotional SMS then read the entire procedure. This is a reality these days Jazz network promotional SMS ratio is increased as compare to old promotional SMS services and that is the main reason jazz network users are feeling disturbance due to unlimited promotional SMS. here we want to mention Jazz network has offered Mobilink Promotional Messages black service, through this service you can block all promotional SMS and calls from the company. Just follow below instruction and get this service with free of cost. After following this procedure, customers will not receive any promotional message in future however they will still receive other information messages from the company. Also check how to Block unwanted Calls and SMS on Jazz.

How To Block Jazz Promotional SMS/Calls Free

Jazz has introduced a procedure for blocking promotional SMS and Calls for free. Jazz customers can check How to block Jazz promotional SMS/ Calls for free. Most of the time it happens that a customer may feel irritation from receiving unwanted promotional SMS and calls from the company.

How To Block Mobilink Promotional SMS Calls Free

How To Block Jazz Promotional SMS:

The procedure for blocking Jazz promotional SMS is very simple. The complete procedure for How to Block Jazz promotional SMS is given to the below side. So just follow the below instructions in order to block SMS and Calls.

  • Go to Write Message
  • send Blank message to 3627
  • If you are not able to send blank SMS then send Dot “.” to 3627
  • after this message you can receive one message, on that message you can get the reply “after two days your request will accept”
  • if you will not receive any SMS from the company then you can call at 111 to talk with customer care representative to register your complaint

How to Block Jazz Promotional Calls:

The procedure is the same for the How to block Jazz promotional calls which is discussed in the above side. So just follow the above-given instruction to block Promotional Calls and SMS from the company.

Remember this service is totally free of cost you you have not need to pay any single amount against this offer. Through this service, you can block your promotional messages and calls and services related messages will not be blocked at all. After How To  Block Jazz Promotional SMS Calls Free details if you want to get different mobilink packages details then visit this website main home page.

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