How to block mobile number in zong,Ufone, Warid, Telenor, mobilink

Today we discuss the very important topic for our website regular and also new user how to block mobile number in zong,Ufone, Warid, Telenor, mobilink. Technology are improve day by day the user of the modern technology are also increase. All technology have positive and negative point that is depend on the user that way they use the technology. Telecom technology are improve in Pakistan and more then 80% people are use the mobile phone with different  telecom services. The company have lot of free mints packages and night packages in same network. Some people use this service wrongly and tey send messages and  wrong calls in unknow number. The all company introduce the service who can you block  that type of the number here we briefly explain the all Pakistani telecom company number block service.

how to block mobile number in zong,Ufone, Warid, Telenor, mobilink

How to block mobile number in zong

zong introduce the service that is called unwanted calls block service .In this service you can easily the block those number that make disturbance for you  and not only unwanted calls also sms service. After this you can make your number completely private. Simple you dail 9211 and block unwanted call or sms from any network number. This service charge the small amount that is redact for a month that amount Is 15 rupees plus tax.

How to block mobile number in Mobilink

Mobilink introduce the block service if you want subscribe block service  through the SMS service then simply send “act ics” to 420 and if you want subscribe through call then simply dial the 402 and follow the instruction. And if you want unsubscribe ics service through then simply type “DEACT ICS” and send to 420 and if you want unsubscribe this service then simply dial 420 and after this follow the instruction. Charges of this service through sms that is 1.0 plus tax per sms and through call charge 2.0 plus tax per day .

How to block mobile number in Warid.

Warid also introduce the block unwanted number service that is helpful  for warid user. The registration for “Warid Call & SMS Block 9211” service can be done by dialing 9211 or via SMS. The details for the same are provided below: Dial IVR 9211 and follow the instructions to subscribe the service OR Type “ Sub ” in the SMS option and send it to 9211.Monthly subscription charges of Rs. 19+Tax shall be applicable for both prepaid and postpaid users. Charges of Rs. 2+tax/minute shall be applicable.

How to block mobile number in Ufone

Ufone have block unwanted number service. Ufone called this service Ublock . Go to write message and type sub, and send to 420. Every SMS on 420 will be charged Re.1+Tax. To Block SMS and Calls, go twrite message and type blockNumber and send to 420 Example block 03331234567 block 03001234567 block 0511234567 block 0012134567890 and if you want To Unblock SMS and Call from a number added to your blacklist, SMS unblockNumber to 420 Example unblock 03331234567 unblock 03001234567 unblock 0511234567 unblock 001234567890.

How to block mobile number in Telenor.

Block all those unwanted calls with Telenor Call & SMS Blocker and get rid of all the obnoxious callers.Telenor Call & SMS Blocker is a subscription based service that stops any number (021-xxxxxxx, 042-xxxxxxx, 030x-xxxxxx, 033x-xxxxxx, 032x-xxxxxxxx, 034x-xxxxxxx) from calling and SMS you. Once you block an unwanted caller number, any call and SMS from that caller cannot reach you. Instead a prompt is played to that caller every time she/he attempts to call you and they are also unable to reach you over SMS

Step 1: SMS ‘sub’ to 420 to get registered. Step 2: After a few hours, once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation SMS.  Step 3: You can then SMS the Number , which you want to block, to 420. Monthly subscription charges: Rs. 20 + tax. Blocking or Unblocking a number over SMS = Rs. 2 + tax (one time). Blocking or Unblocking a number by Call Blocker Website = Rs. 2 + tax (one time)








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