How To Add Friend And Family Number In Warid FNF Packages

For Warid network user how to add Friend And Family Number In Warid FNF Packages here we discuss in the details brief you can easily able to add or deleate fnf number after the reading this post we share the same question or answer that can helpful for you to understand the method so read this and get information. Warid telecoms 100& owned company of Abu Dhabi Group and offers State of the art telecommunication services at 7,000 destination in Pakistan warid have vision to provide best fastest telecom modern service it provide the national and international call or SMS packages warid provide the value added service makes communication effective and enjoyable.Warid design all package for customer the all packages fulfill customer demand. Warid give 10 friends and family number  offer add or delete option.

How To Add Friend And Family Number In Warid Fnf Packages For Warid Network User How To Add Friend And Family Number In Warid Fnf Packages Here We Discuss In The Details Brief You Can Easily Able To Add Or Deleate Fnf Number After The Reading This Post We Share The Same Question Or Answer That Can Helpful For You To Understand The Method So Read This And Get Information. Warid Telecoms 100&Amp; Owned Company Of Abu Dhabi Group And Offers State Of The Art Telecommunication Services At 7,000 Destination In Pakistan Warid Have Vision To Provide Best Fastest Telecom Modern Service It Provide The National And International Call Or Sms Packages Warid Provide The Value Added Service Makes Communication Effective And Enjoyable. Warid Design All Package For Customer The All Packages Fulfill Customer Demand. Warid Give 10 Friends And Family Number Offer Add Or Delete Option. In Following Detail We Discuss Fnf Services, Procedure For Adding Number, How Many Number Add, How Many Discounted Air Time Given On Fnf, Cost Of The Each Number, Re Enter Procedure, Friend And Family Services. Friends And Family Numbers Depending On Your Tariff Plan. Warid Give The Option Add Or Delete Number In Your Friends And Family List. Basically When You Add Number In Fnf List When You Get The Free Air Time On That Number. Procedure Of Adding Fnf Numbers. 1. If You Add Number Through Sms Than 2. You Open The Message Folder On Your Mobile And Also Open The Write New Message And Type “Add” And Give Space And Enter The Desired Number For Example 0323,0321,0322 Separated By Space And Add 0321Xxxxxxx. 3. If You Want Delete This Number From Fnf Than Simply Follow This Process Again But One Thing Change Where You Type Add If You Delete Than You Must Be Type “Del” And Remaining Procedure Is Same. 4. You Have Option To Add Or Del Any Number But With In Limited You Can Add Or Del Only 5 Number In One Sms. 5. After This All Procedure Send This Message On 129 For Processing. 6. In Last Step Is You Receive An Automated Sms After A Few Moments That Are Specifying The Processing Of The Query. Fnf Number View Method. If You Want To View Your Friend And Family Number Simply Type “List” And Send This Message To 129 And You Get The List Of Fnf Numbers. How Many Number We Add Or Del Total 5 Numbers You Can Add Or Del In Your Friends And Family List. 4 Warid Number And 1 Ptcl Number. How Often Can Add In Fnf Numbers. The Friends And Family Numbers Once Added And Can Only Be Deleted After A Month. Discount Airtime. When You Add The Friends And Family Numbers Than You Can Get Free Air Time Against This Package The Details Of The Free Air Time Depend On You Tariff Plan. Cost Of Sms. When You Add Any Number Than Company Charge Against Each Number Addition Or Deletion List Is Rs 2+Tax Per Sms. Note If You Will Change Your Tariff Plan Than Your Friends And Family Numbers Will Be Retained You Have Not Need To Re Enter All Number In Friend And Family List. This Service Are Available On Both Sim Means Postpaid And Prepaid.

In following detail we discuss FNF services, procedure for adding number, how many number  add,  how many discounted air time given on FNF, cost of the each number, re enter procedure,

Friend and family services.

Friends and family numbers depending on your  tariff plan. Warid give the option add or delete number in your Friends and family list. Basically when you add number in FNF list when you get the free air time on that number.

Procedure of adding FNF numbers.

  1. If you add number through SMS than
  2. You open the message folder on your mobile and also open the write new message and type “Add” and give Space and enter the desired number for example 0323,0321,0322 separated by space and Add 0321XXXXXXX.
  3. If you want delete this number from FNF than simply follow this process again but one thing change where you type add if you delete than you must be type “Del” and remaining procedure is same.
  4. You have option to add or Del any number but with in limited you can add or Del only 5 number in one SMS.
  5. After this all procedure send this message on 129 for processing.
  6. In last step is you receive an automated SMS after a few moments that are specifying the processing of the query.

FNF Number view Method.

If you want to view your friend and family number simply type “List” and send this message to 129 and you get the list of FNF numbers.

How many number we add or Del


Total 5 numbers you can add or Del in your friends and family list. 4 warid number and 1 PTCL number.

How often can add in FNF numbers.

The Friends and Family numbers once added and can only be deleted after a month.

Discount airtime.

When you add  the Friends and family numbers than you can get free air time against this package the details of the free air time depend on you tariff plan.

Cost of SMS.

When you add any number than  company charge against each number addition or deletion list is RS 2+tax per SMS.

Note if you will change your tariff plan than your friends and family numbers will be retained you have not need to re enter all number in friend and family list. This service are available on both SIM means postpaid and prepaid.


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