When 3G Technology will be Launched in Pakistan

Pakistan is on the urge of mega advancement in the technology which is the 3G technology, as immediately after the appointment of the new Chairman and the Members of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) the government is very much willing to auction the 3G licenses in Pakistan as in this very respective regard the government has finalized the directive policy for the auction for the eagerly awaited 3G license in Pakistan. 3G has been in the debates in the Pakistani parliaments as it is being adopted by the majority of the countries of the world as Pakistan will be amongst the last few countries which still don’t have the 3 3G Technology Will Be Launched In PakistanG technology. Even Afghanistan which seemed to be less advanced and stable then Pakistan does also have the 3g technology. Pakistani consumers have been waiting for 3G networks to get better data connections over mobile phones for years. Earlier in 2011-12, at least two efforts for auction 3G licenses failed due to various reasons.

The hurdles were still being implanted in the way of Auction but courtesy to the Supreme Court of Pakistan which have issued orders that have directed the government to immediately appoint Chairman and Members for early auction of 3G. After which the appointments were made in almost a rush. Pakistan government is eyeing USD 800 million to USD 1 billion from the auction. It is likely that government will auction three 3G licenses, with a base price of USD 210 million. Local and International companies will be invited for the bid, with a possible ban on defaulting telecom companies. However, final details for the participation criteria and pricing of spectrum will be revealed after the finalization of IM.

A special committee is already being formed which is being chaired by federal minister for finance Mr. Ishaq Dar, while members include Ms. Anusha Rahman, Minister for Information Technology & Telecom, Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar, Secretary (IT & Telecom), Syed Ismail Shah interim chairman PTA and others. According to the committee it will take 3 to 4 months for the conduction of the respective 3G auction that means that it will take place either in the month of December 2013 or in January 2014. So being on the safe side it is being expected that the advanced 3G technology will be auctioned and will be made working in Pakistan in the year 2014.

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