China Tablet PC with GSM Price in Pakistan

Chine is going to top level of technologies in the world. The new technology is Tablet PC. Its price in Pakistan is very affordable and cheap. Tablet PC is amazing technology which earns its value in few months across the world. A Tablet PC is a personal computer just like a laptop. In Tablet PC you use digital pen to enter the input data. Digital pen performs like as mouse. You are able to take notes and collect signature just like you would using a pen and paper. Tablets are typically larger than smart phones or personal digital assistants at 7 inches or larger.

China Tablet PC with GSM Price in Pakistan

FeaturesChina Tablet PC with GSM Price in Pakistan

  • High definition display
  • Wireless internet connectivity
  • GPS satellite location
  • Digital camera for photographs
  • Lower weight and longer battery
  • Mobile phone functions
  • E-mail and social media
  • Flash memory
  • Speech recognition
  • Gesture recognition

There are some Tablet PC prices are mentioned.

Tablet Price
Hero Tab Alpha Rs.7099
Hero Tab Hybrid Rs.9799
Hero Tab Hybrid Urban Rs.11399
Hero Tab Hybrid Alpha 2 Rs.7099
EyePad 7? Dual Core GSM Rs.8999
Apex Glaze Tablet Rs.6699
Ainol Novo 7 Legend Rs.7999
Cherry Prism Tablet Rs.9999
Ramos W27 Tablet Rs.16899
Acer Iconia Tablet Rs.19999
Planet Tablet PC Rs.5999
GRight T72 Rs.11199
GFive GPad III Rs.11499
Crown Micro B751 Rs.14499

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