Telenor Pakistan Prepaid Internet Packages

We have given you all the details of Telenor Pakistan Prepaid Internet Packages and also the methods of their subscription. Telenor is giving the best internet packages from other networks and also the best call rates are given by Telenor. In this article we have facilitated our user to check all Telenor Pakistan Prepaid Internet Packages and use in the Holy month of Ramzan. Telenor is giving also may Ramzan packages for users at all. As we all know that internet is the need of this Era, Telenor internet packages offer high speed internet on very low rates in Talkshak and Djuice also. With the help of Telenor internet you can stay connected with your family and friends easily. Talkshawk and Telenor Djuice both offers different packages on internet to their subscribers and here we are going to tell you about the internet packages of the both Telenor and also of the Djuice.

Telenor Talkshawk internet services are available in 2 major classes given below:

  • Talkshawk Internet Offers
  • Telenor USB Dongles offers

Talkshawk internet offers are further categorized as following:

  • Taklshawk economy internet bundles
  • Default internet

Telenor Pakistan Prepaid Internet Packages

Click on below side link for all Telenor Internet Packages:

Telenor Talkshawk 3G Internet Packages

Telenor 3G Internet Packages Subscription Method

Telenor 3G Daily, Weekly, Monthly 3 Day Internet Packages

Telenor 3G Daily, Weekly, Monthly 3 Day Internet Packages

Telenor Unlimited Internet Weekly Offer

Telenor Internet USB Price and Packages


Telenor talksahwk internet bundles offer:

These Telenor Talkshawk internet bundle offers are further categorized into 5 Talkshawk internet bundles in the basis of their subscription charges and validity. Talkshawk users can select the particular Talkshawk internet bundles which is the best suited to their needs as well as budget. Talkshawk internet bundles can be categorized as given below:

Talkshawk Offers:

  • Telenor Talkshawk Daily Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor Talkshawk Daily 2 Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor Talkshawk Weekly Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor Talkshawk Monthly Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor talkshawk Mega monthly bundle Internet Bundle Offer


Djuice offers:

  • Telenor djuice economy Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor djuice daily Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor djuice weekly Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor djuice monthly Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor djuice unlimited Internet Bundle Offer



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