Stock Exchange Business In Urdu

Stock Exchange Business In Urdu is here for the businessmen that want to trade in the business of shares and want to earn money from the business of shares. The share trading in stock exchange can give more profit to the businessmen then that of loss. There are two ways that a businessman can earn money from the shares. Either he can retain the shares to himself and be a partner in the profit or loss of the company  or he can purchase on low price and sale when the prices are high. Mostly there is an expectation of profit in the business but if there is a loss, then the shareholder is a partner in it as well. This is the reason that most of the businessmen invest in the business of shares. This helps them to earn more profit and if there is a loss then it is bearable. Shares are traded in the stock exchange of the country in which the company is working. Here we have the information of Stock Exchange Business In Urdu because we are going to talk about the stock exchange of Pakistan.

Stock Exchange Business In Urdu

Stock Exchange Business In Urdu

Following is all the information that you need to trade in the stock exchange of Pakistan. The information is available in Urdu that will help you to do business in the stock exchange of Pakistan. Stock Exchange Business In Urdu is a tutorial that will help you to trade in shares of the different companies.

Process of Stock Exchange:

This is the process with which you can register and can trade the shares in stock exchange.

  1. The applicant must have to register, not in stock exchange but in CDC “Central Depository Company” that controls all the trading and the traders in stock exchange. This is an account just like a bank account in which you can deposit, withdraw and transfer shares instead of money. This account casts Rs. 500/- annual subscription fee.
  2. You have to contact a broker or an agent for the sale and purchase of shares in the market.
  3. Shares will be transfer to your name after 15 days. It means that you have to submit the money to purchase the shares.
  4. Though initial public offering you can purchase the shares of a new company by the bank, which are floating in the market.
  5. You can apply for the shares of the company by simple steps. First of all you have to submit the application to the bank or CDC “Central Depository Company” with the predefined application form that is available on the official site of the stock exchange or in the bank. Then submit the form and take the number. After 2 weeks check your number in the issue list you will be mentioned there if you are successful.

Buy Online Shares From Pakistan Stock Exchange

So these are the details about stock exchange business in Urdu. Hope you are now fully acquire the method to earn a good profit with shareholding work in Pakistan. Remember that never trust on the assumptions but must visit the current condition of a company so that the risk of loss could be less and less.

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