Reasons and Effects of Brain Drain in Pakistan

Do you what are the main reason and effects of brain drain in Pakistan? But at the same time there are some people who are not aware from the main concept of brain drain in Pakistan. Brain-Drain is actually defined as the loss of accomplished intellectual and technical labor all the way through the movement of such labor in order to get hold over the favorable geographic, economic, or professional environments. Besides Pakistan there are many countries who are facing the situations of the brain drain adding with Russia and India.

Reasons And Effects Of Brain Drain In Pakistan

Main Reasons of Brain Drain in Pakistan:

  1. Unemployment, population explosion and corrupt political systems are coming into view as some of the main reasons that are giving rise to the brain drain in Pakistan.
  2. All the skilled and intelligent students are not able to get the superior opportunities to develop and this is the main reason that they face the brain drain conditions in Pakistan. No doubt that removal of the brain drain is one of the biggest key to make the country successful and developed.
  3. Further economic reasons are even known as being one of the biggest reasons for the brain drain. In this category we have job approval, academically progressive environment, improved pay and service circumstances.
  4. Less financial and academic reasons are even known out to be one of the main reasons that give rise to the brain drain. We all know that UK and USA is providing better employment chances to the students and this is the main fact that all the students make the mind of going abroad for employment. There is no single good institution in favor of research and doctorate level and post doctorate level that is set up in Pakistan.
  5. Sometimes political instability in the nation can even bring great rise in the brain drain in Pakistan. Government should think about some diplomatic solutions with the help of which they can bring end to all the conflicts and brain drain problems.
  6. On the last we have the issue of lack of higher educational centers! This is no doubt one of the biggest reasons for the arrival of the brain drain.

Well we hope that with the help of this article all the readers would have surely learnt the main reasons that are giving rise to the brain drain!

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