PM Energy Saver Program 2014

The Prime minster of Pakistan announced PM energy saver program 2014 this program announced for only one purpose that is decrease the energy crisis. Today Pakistan have face lot of problems but the main and major problem is Energy crisis the prime minister announced the Pakistan Government have totally focus of the energy sector if energy sector is improved than lot of other problem will solved they factory will work properly and unemployment rate are decrease.

This step is called very minor but this is the one drop and in future this step give fruitful result. Prime minister says this is the not a permanent solution our government focus on the different source who decrease the energy crisis like we will have different plan like wind energy solution, solar energy solution, or we will start energy plan in Karachi.

Prime Minister Energy saver program is distribute the 2 energy saver in three crore Pakistani house. This 2 energy saver is totally free for the public. Total energy saver quantity is 6 Cror. This Step decrease the energy crisis this program have different benefit like decrease the 1600 amount in your monthly energy Bill. Who person receives the 2 energy saver they must give the 2 old yellow light Bulb. All energy savers have 2 years warranty if in future not working than you will have option to change through the company. These programs have the main propose save 1000 mega vat energy.


In public the lot of people are appreciate and other picture side story show the mostly have few valid question mark . 1st is the distribution of energy saver is  on favoritism. If government distribute through the MPA or MNA than they will distribute energy saver in party work so Prime minster should focus on these issues because Pakistan not face more corruption scandal because  economics of Pakistan face peak bad  level situation .

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