Most Famous Social Workers in Pakistan

No doubt that over the last few years, there have been so many social workers who have worked at the best mediums in Pakistan for the social causes. A person who works for the betterment of social conditions of society and bring the social evils in front of media screen is known as “Social Worker”. There are lots of other activities for a social worker which he or she performs like running of an NGO, a trust for education or medical or national or international level social activists are also working these days. Since the last few years there have been so many social workers that are stepping into Pakistan and at the same time there are some reputable social workers which we have lost but they are still remembered in our minds.

Most Famous Social Workers in Pakistan

Most Famous Social Workers in Pakistan

Let’s see the few of noticeable names:

  1. Abdul Satar Edhi:

Abdul Sattar Edhi was born on 1928. He was born in the city Buntawa State of Gujarat British India. He was the son of cloth merchant by business and was from the middle class family background.. He is the President of Edhi Foundation. They have spread out their branches in almost all the major cities of Pakistan. His wife Mrs. Bilques Edhi ia a founder of “Bilques Edhi Foundation” in the year 1986. Both of them have been honored with the “Ramon Magsaysay Award” in the sector of the Human Service Department. He is no more with us but his serice of taking care of foundation is being done by his wife and sons.

  1. Ansar Burni:

He has been known out to be the prominent lawyer and one of the reputable known social worker Ansar. He was born on 14 August 1956 at the place of Karachi. He is holding the degrees of B.A, as well as M.A and LLB from the place of University of Karachi and Philosophy degree from the place of Sri Lanka. In the year 1980, Ansar Burni came up with the establishment of the “Ansar Burni Welfare Trust International”. He is now working for the Human rights.

  1. Asma Jahangir:

Asma Jahangir is one of the well known Pakistani lawyers. She is an advocate in Supreme Court and social worker. She is the daughter of Ghulam Jhilani who was a scientist. Asma Jahangir has been actively involved in working as the humans rights. she has been also honored with the award of the Human Rights Martan Ennels in the year 1995.

  1. Reham Khan:

On the last we have the renowned named of Reham Khan. She was born on 3rd April 1973 in Ajdabiya, Libya. She is 42 years old. She has an attractive personality and has been doing anchoring for so many channels.  Now she is being actively involved in getting linked with so many NGO centers and performing the role of being the social worker.

Although there are so many social workers are there in Pakistan but the above written list is just of those which are the most famous social workers in Pakistan.


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