Imran Khan 11 Points Agenda In Lahore Jalsa 2021 For Aik Pakistan

The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan has presented 11 point agenda during his Jalsa in Lahore on 29th April 2021. These Imran Khan 11 Points Agenda In Lahore Jalsa 2021 is addressed by Imran Khan for Naya Pakistan. He said that he wants a country where there is a single law for all nationals and there should not be discrimination between rich and poor. Imran Khan Aik Pakistan Agenda is basically a campaign for coming General elections 2021. Imran Khan election manifesto 2021 is clear and based on the basic needs of the general public. Imran Khan eleven point agenda comprises upon education, health, taxation, corruption, investment, employment, tourism, agriculture, strong federation, environment, and Justice for all. He said we are in search of one land where justice should be for everyone. In this article, you will learn about Imran Khan 11 Points Agenda For Aik Pakistan.

Imran Khan 11 Points Agenda In Lahore Jalsa 2021 For Aik Pakistan

Imran Khan 11 Points Agenda In Lahore Jalsa 2021 For Aik Pakistan


PTI’s first manifesto or 1st point in Imran Khan 11 Points Agenda is Education. PTI Chairman said there should be uniform education syllabus which means that there will be one syllabus for all. This point is based on existing two education system: education system for rich, and education system for poor.

Health Care:

The 2nd PTI Manifesto is health care. In this point, Imran Khan said, That he will establish the best hospitals when he comes in power, as he established SKMCH hospital which he was not in power.

Tax Reform:

The Third point of Imran Khan 11 points is Tax reform. He said he believes in tax reform and if he comes in power he will collect tax and strengthen the FBR. The nation has big heart and they can pay tax for general public interest.


In his fourth point, he mentioned that he will empower FBR and judiciary so that they can stop corruption. He said I am not thief myself and I will not bear theft in any department.


In his next point, he mentioned that he will help to increase investment in Pakistan. He said I’ll try my best to assist foreigner investment in Pakistan. This is the great initiative and if it will be implicated Pakistan will become prosperous country.


The sixth Point of Imran Khan 11 Points Agenda In Lahore Jalsa 2021 for aik Pakistan is Employment. He said that he will not only provide jobs to Pakistani nationals but also he is going to build 50 lac houses for poor and detailed will be shared.


He wants to promote tourism in Pakistan because it is the best way to eliminate poverty from Pakistan. Tourism attracts money from around the world and people from all across the world travel to Pakistan and this results in employment and income for many local natives.


In Imran Khan’s eighth point he said, nobody, cares for poor farmers in Pakistan and labor. He will strengthen the agriculture field so that labors who work hard entire day in the field will get at least good price for their products and services.

Strengthen the Federation:

In this point, he said that he will empower the provinces with their rights and will announce south province on the administrative basis. No one cares about tribal areas and he empowers those areas as per requirement.


It is also one of the basic concerns of PTI. Lahore Punjab is the most polluted city of Pakistan and he said that he will start a campaign for forestation in Pakistan.


Justice is the basic right for everyone. Imran Khan’s last point of agenda is justice. He said we will reform Punjab Police and Sindh police like KP Police. He also said that in KPK not a single case proceed more than one year.

Women Empowerment:

Imran Khan Said that he will empower the women and will educate the female of Pakistan and helps them to protect their inheriteded rights.

These are the Imran Khan 11 Points Agenda In Lahore Jalsa 2021 For Aik Pakistan. Imran Khan election manifesto are clear and bases on the basic rights of public.

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