How To Transfer Money Between Easypaisa Mobile Accounts For Free

Easy Paisa is an amazing service in Pakistan, any person who is using Telenor SIM and want to transfer the online money can easily share in any part of Pakistan but for now an other unbelievable EasyPaisa Mobile Account has being offered recently. Easy Paisa Mobile account are actual bank account and the working of this account is same as the normal bank account means you can withdraw and deposit money in your easy paisa Mobile account. This service is only available for those who are using the telenore SIM. IF you want to open a Easy paisa mobile account you must have to visit and the any telenore sales and Service Center or any Telenor Franchise or Tameer Bank branch. There are so many facilities a use get with using the Easypaisa Mobile account such as you will be able to pay bills,transfer money and use many more services from your own mobile phones at any time and anywhere in Pakistan. There are so many Telenore subscribers who are in want of the answer of How To Transfer Money Between Easypaisa Mobile Accounts For Free and here we are providing all the information related to this such as easypaisa mobile account login and easypaisa mobile account charges are also described here. The Easypaisa Mobile Account gives you the following services:

Easypaisa Mobile Accounts Services:

  • Money Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • International Home Transfer
  • Easy Load
  • Donations
  • Money Transfer to 1 Link Bank Account

How To Transfer Money Between Easypaisa Mobile Accounts For Free

How To Transfer Money Between Easypaisa Mobile Accounts For Free

Easypaisa Mobile Account Charges:

Transaction Slab Start  Slab End Charges
Cash Deposit 100 25,000 Free
Bill Payment 1 Free
Easyload 20 Free
Donations 3 Free
Create PIN Free
Change PIN Free
Balance Enquiry 0.25
Send Account Info Free
Mini Statement Free
Cash Withdrawal 1 25000 Free***
Funds Transfer(MA to MA) 1 25000 Free

First Cash withdrawal transaction in a day will be free, any subsequent Cash withdrawal transaction on the same day will be charged at 2%

Inter-Bank Funds Transfer
Slab Start Slab End Fee(with FED)
0 1,000 Rs.23.20
1001.01 2500 Rs.46.40
2501.01 4000 Rs.69.60
4001.01 6,000 Rs.92.80
6001.01 8,000 Rs.116.00
8001.01 10,000 Rs.139.20
10001.01 13,000 Rs.162.40
13001.01 16,000 Rs.185.60
16001.01 20,000 Rs.208.80
20001.01 25,000 Rs.232.00


Funds Transfer (Mobile Account to CNIC)
Slab Start Slab End Fee(with FED)
0 1,000 46.40
1,000.01 2,500 92.80
2,500.01 4,000 139.20
4,000.01 6,000 185.60
6,000.01 8,000 232.00
8,000.01 10,000 278.40
10,000.01 13,000 324.80
13,000.01 15,000 371.20

Easypaisa Mobile Accounts Service Process:

  • Those who are having telenore SIM and want to get Easypaisa Mobile account service are advised to visit their nearest Franchise/SSC/ Sahulatghar Tameer Bank Branch with your original Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • Your photographs will be clicked by the Customer Representative for the security reasons.
  • After this process, you have to create a PIN of 5 Digits for doing transaction, you account will be activated in few seconds.
  • There is also a higher level Mobile account which included easypaisa mobile account level 1 and easypaisa mobile account level 2 so for their details visit the official site of Easy Paisa.

All the above given Easypaisa Mobile Accounts will be helpful for the telenore user and there are also the information of easypaisa mobile account ATM card will be available here.

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