How to Check Sindh Land Revenue Record Online Through Smartphone App

Board of Revenue record government of Sindh is active now for all Sind land holder those want to check their land record online at home. Yes this is a reality after many years Sindh incompetent and corrupted government takes initiative for Sindh improvement and we must give huge appreciation. Through deep further details we will try to explain all method of How to Check Sindh Land Revenue Record Online through Smartphone App. These days in KPK and Punjab province almost all government and private working is converting on latest computer technology and through internet connectivity all working is more easy and effective for Punjab and KPK people but Singh and Balochistan government are working on this important work, real time example by Sindh government issued Sindh revenue record checking Android application.

How to Check Sindh Land Revenue Record Online Through Smartphone App

How to Check Sindh Land Revenue Record Online Through Smartphone App

How to Check Sindh Land Revenue Record:

Easy method is arrange for all Pakistani those are land holder from Sindh

This application will working on Android, OS, Windows system means you can use this application through any company Smartphone


  • Open Google Play store or  Apple Store or Windows Store
  • Type Sindh Zameen Appication hrough play Store
  • Download application ( this step take few movements)
  • After application downloading open Board of Revenue Sindh application
  • You can see application with search bar and type your CNIC number without any space and tap on search button option
  • After this step you can get complete details by Singh government
  • If you want to download this land record on page then contact with nearest singh land revenue record “Sahulat Marqaz”

How to Check Sindh Land Revenue Record  form Computer, Laptop, Tablet:

Yes you can get idea how to check land record through smartphone application, same step and procedure will apply on Singh Government but after this type you will apply all step on sindh land revenue record website

Sindh Land Revenue Record facility available for:

This facility is available for cillage form 7-A, Form 7-B or village form 2

If your CNIC number will use for any land purchasing, sale, morgue and transfer then your land record easily find by this land revenue smartphone application.


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