How To Change The Package of Evo 3G, Wingle

There are so many user we find who are in search of the the method to change the Package for EVO 3G and EVO Wingle. We have published this article to tell you How to Change The Package of Evo 3G, Wingle and packages are also given here. As we are familiar with the EVO wingle, it is the country’s first 3G hotspot in the shape of a USB modem, which is having a built in WiFi router in the most compact casing with a sleek and clean design. It connects up to 5 WiFi gadgets to high speed internet simultaneously. Its speed depends on its package, location and distance from communication tower and number of users, its average speed varies from 0.7 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps.It has been introduced by Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL), Customer of PTCL can get a high speed internet with the help of this tremendous 3G EVO Wingle with its state of the art WiFi capability .3G EVO Wingle will revolutionized the way people connect and surf on the go said Senior Executive Vice President Commercial, Naveed Saeed. It is the most usable device to have access to internet in Pakistan and all over the world. In Pakistan it has got fame and its usage ratio has increased just because of its high speed and its packages, we have given you EVO prepaid internet packages and also postpaid packages under here , to change its packages check the under given information:

How To Change EVO Wingle Package:

Exciting subscribers can use use new packages either through call or an email, to change packages and subscriptions of new ones all you need to do is to  Call on 1236 or Visit any PTCL OSS or send an Email with your complain to

How To Change The Package of Evo 3G, Wingle

How To Change The Package of Evo 3G, Wingle

EVO Prepaid Packages:

Packages Monthly Charges Volume Additional Usage / Mb
EVO DayPass 3GB Rs.300/2days 3GB* Rs.150/GB
EVO GO 5GB Rs.1,000 5 GB Rs.150/GB
EVO LITE 20GB Rs.1,200 20 GB Rs.150/GB
EVO Max Rs.2,100 Unlimited** Rs.150/GB
EVO 256Kbps Rs.1,300 Unlimited** Rs.150/GB

EVO Postpaid Packages:

Product EVO Package Monthly Charges Download Limit
EVO 3.1Mbps USB EVO 3.1Mbps Basic Rs. 2,100 30GB
EVO 3.1Mbps 20GB Rs.1,199 20GB
EVO 256Kbps Rs.1,199 Unlimited
3G EVO Wi-Fi Cloud EVO Wi-Fi Cloud Basic Rs. 2,100 30GB
EVO Wi-Fi Cloud 20GB Rs.1,199 20GB
3G EVO Nitro Cloud Nitro Cloud Basic Rs.3,000 30GB
Nitro Cloud 20GB Rs.1,499 20GB
                                     3G EVO WINGLE EVO Wingle Basic Rs.2,500 30GB
EVO Wingle 20GB Rs.1,499 20GB

This article will give you the method to change and to subscribe any EVO package. The details of EVO Packages is also given above.

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