How Much Careem Pay To Drivers In Lahore

As copying the trend of the international countries, now the cab service trend has often emerged in Pakistan as well. In this cab service we have the prominent name of Careem and Uber as well. Careem is identified out to be one of the top known and leading services of cab in Pakistan. They have spread the chain of their services in so many major cities of Pakistan including the names of Lahore and Karachi. Just newly they have launched the cab service in Islamabad as well. They are heading towards the next venture of Rawalpindi and Multan so soon.  Careem has been always discussing on hard terms about their services and the way they are providing stress free journey to their customers. But Careem service is probably not aware of the fact that they made the customer journey stress free as through the hard work and dedication of the Careem drivers. Therefore, so many minds are stuck with the question that how much Careem pay to the drivers in Lahore.

How Much Careem Pay to Drivers in Lahore
How Much Careem Pay To Drivers In Lahore

You would be surprised off to listen the fact that Careem does not pay to the drivers at all. Drivers in return hence pay the Careem and all the range of the amount of money they earn is completely depended on them. In simple, the more they will drive, the more amount of money they will be earning through. It is to be highlighted that almost 20% of all the money that is being earned by driver is for Careem and the rest of 80% is for the side of the driver.

This deduction is made for the reason that the driver has not their own car and all the services are provided by the Careem. In this way, Careem drivers are paid with the salary of around 20,000-25,000 on the per month basis.

If the driver has their own car and drive it by themself, then they would be able to make the money of about 60k-70k in a month this is by driving 7–8 hours a day. If they drive on both day and night and even on the weekends then there are more chances of earning the money.

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But still we would say that little bit increase is needed in the salary of the Careem drivers because it is just because of hard work of Careem drivers that has made Careem so much demanding these days.

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