Hair Fall Problem Solution Reasons in Urdu

Hair fall is big problem for female and male person. After pregnancy and during pregnancy mostly female are facing Hair lose problem. Male person are facing hair loss problem after 25 year age. In human personality head hair is most attractive part for human personality and hair loss problem is big problem for both gender male and female. Further all discussion will explain Hair Fall Problem Solution English and Urdu. Hair fall problem is creating due to different reason, you can face hair fall problem due to age factor, genetics factor, health factor, environmental factor and bad hair product. If you are determine about your hair fall problem solution then just adopt different method for hair fall solution. On beginning stage identify your hair fall loss reason.

Major Reason For Hair Loss in Male Female:

  • Age factor is big problem for hair loss
  • Genetics hair fall problem
  • Nutritional Status decrease problem
  • Health skin problem
  • In Pakistan genetics problem is very big reason for hair loss. According to doctors Pakistan male person is facing hair less problem because their father and grandfather is also facing hair fall problem due to different reason and doctors always call this problem genetic problem.
  • How to take solution for Hair Fall Problem
  • on beginning stage just look your genetic factor because male and female baldness fact is very popular factor in Pakistan community people
  • Men hair loss usually starting from hairline or top of head side, Genetic hair loss problem is reduce by different medicine or hair treatment
  • Reduce your stress and take relaxation time or environment because stress is one of the big reason for hair fall solution

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Female keep in mind take vitamin and Vegetable or juice for perfect heath during pregnancy because due to less nutrition women can face hair loss problem before and after pregnancy

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