Arranged Marriage in Pakistan

Arranged Marriage in Pakistan detail introduction with complete history and statistics about it as Marriage in Pakistan is known as legal relationship between man and woman which make them husband and wife. According to the culture in Pakistan, it is not only the union between husband and wife is a union of two families. That is the reason, people want their children to go for arrange marriage rather than love marriage. Parents, the elderly people believe that they can think better for their children future, as it is not only concerned about the life partner only but also their families and their lives.

Arranged Marriage in Pakistan History

Arranged marriage in Pakistan is a type of marital relationship where the bride and groom are selected by a third party which is mostly their parents rather than by each other. Until the 18th century, it was anorm, which was flowed worldwide. With the growing age, arranged marriage became a tradition in royal families and some ethnic minority groups. It was found to be common in South Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and some parts of East Asia. By the first half of 20th century, arranged marriages were more common in refugee families in the United States. They were sometimes called as picture-bride marriages among Japanese American refugees because the bride and groom do not meet each other and knew only by the interchanging of photographs before the day of their marriage.

Arranged Marriage in Pakistan

Arrange marriage has been the most important part of Pakistani culture. These marriages are mostly arranged within their community and ethnic group. It can also be within the family which is known as cousin marriage. People are very concerned about their status while find the best match for their children. While going for arrange marriages few factors are kept in view, which can be wealth, life style and social norms and values. Arrange marriages is further categorized as semi-arranged marriages and complete arrange marriages. Semi-arranged marriages are in which final decision is of potential bride & groom but in complete arrange marriage is in which final decision is of parents which is a binding upon them bride & groom.

Statistics of success ratio of Arranged Marriages in Pakistan

If we talk about the success ratio or Statistics of arrange marriages in Pakistan than in many researches it is found to be more successful than love marriages. A research in 2003 on the success ratio of complete arranged marriage, semi-arrange marriage and completely love marriage was conducted. The results showed that the success ratio of completely arrange marriage was 77% and semi arrange marriage were 89% successful and love marriages are only 60% successful. Results are clear that semi-arrange marriage can be successful. The reasons can be where families and bride & groom both know each other in a limited capacity and they at least can find their compatibility with each other. Same results were for unsuccessful marriage ratio in the highest percentage of unsuccessful marriage was of love marriages which was 40% and least percentage of unsuccessful marriage is of semi-arranged marriage that is 11%. Completely arranged marriage ratio of unsuccessfulness was in between the two, which was 23%.

The statistics made very clear that although with the growing modernization in our society although trend of love marriage is rising but success ratio is higher of arrange and semi-arrange marriages in Pakistan.


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