Warid Postpaid Internet Packages 2018

Your favorite mobile network Warid is bringing amazing bundles, offers, and package plans. In this post, you are getting the Warid postpaid internet packages 2018. You can subscribe these 4G bundles for monthly and weekly bases. Here one thing I like to high light in front of you is that the postpaid means the monthly bundle. There is no any option for weekly or fifteen days in any postpaid package. But people are still searching for any Warid postpaid internet packages 2018 for weekly bases. In this post, you are getting Warid postpaid 4G packages only for monthly bases. Although warid has joined hands with jazz and both are producing Jazz Warid internet packages 2018 but still, you can use only Warid postpaid internet packages 2018 which I have given in the following side of this passage. So along with these packages details you must read out the terms and conditions so that you can be safe from any type of deduction of un-wanted charges or MBs.

Warid Postpaid Internet Packages 2018

Warid Postpaid Internet Packages 2018 Monthly, Weekly 4G Bundles

All the warid internet packages are available in 4G high speed which is designed under different limits and usage of a client. You can subscribe any package as per your requirement and usage.

Warid Postpaid Internet Packages 2018:

Internet Bundles Price (PKR) Volume Validity
Monthly Streamer 250 2000 MB 30 Days
Monthly Premium 500 5000 MB 30 Days
Monthly Supreme 800 8000 MB 30 Days
Monthly Mega 1200 12000 MB 30 Days
Monthly Ultimate 2000 25000 MB 30 Days

Subscription Method:

In order to subscribe any package, you have to dial *443# and choose the package you want to subscribe. Besides this, you can also call at 321 for changing your package or to get details about your package.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All the package are exclusive of add-ons
  • Internet will be utilized on both 2G, 3G and 4G speeds simultaneously
  • All the internet bundles are advanced pro-rated
  • Any package you subscribe will be automatically renew
  • In case, you consume the given bundle before time, you will be charged as per the basic package on your number
  • FED and withholding tax will be deducted
  • Use of any sim without PTA verification is a crime

These are all the details about Warid postpaid internet packages 2018 monthly, weekly, 4G bundles. If you are using a  billing sim and want to use fast speed internet then Warid billing internet packages will suit you in the best way.

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