Jazz To Jazz Call Packages 2020

Mobilink Jazz is now offering Jazz To Jazz Call Packages 2020 Daily 24 Hours, Weekly, Monthly to its customers. It is one of the best and the most reliable mobile network in all over Pakistan. There are lots of jazz users who prefer its off-net and on-net call rates, voice clarity and network access at anywhere any time. If you are also a jazz user having jazz community to talk with, then here we are sharing jazz call packages for daily, weekly and monthly bases. These packages will also be useful for those who have to talk over the hours at the same network. These jazz on-net call packages are providing you the best rates for calls on on-net numbers. After this post, you will not pay for unnecessary subscriptions of Mobilink to Mobilink call packages. You just have to activate any of the below-given packages by dialing the activation code of that package.

Jazz To Jazz Call Packages 2020 Daily 24 Hours, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz is always bringing innovative facilities of lower call rates for its valuable customers. The purpose for designing these packages is that to make the jazz community global. You have lots of free on net jazz minutes for calling to anyone including FNF number. But fair policy is applicable for each package which you have to make sure first before subscribing any package. So check Jazz To Jazz Call Packages.

Jazz To Jazz Call Packages Daily 24 Hours, Weekly, Monthly

Jazz To Jazz Daily Call Packages 2020:

Now Jazz users can activate Jazz to Jazz Daily Call Packages by simply dialing the activation codes of these packages. These are the best call packages if you want to activate a call package on daily basis. Check the details of these call packages.

Package Name VolumeCharges ValiditySubscription Method
Jazz Day Bundle10,000 Free on-net minutes, 150 SMS, 20 MB InternetRS 10 (Incl. tax)1 dayDial *340#
Jazz Daily Super Bundle:300 Jazz + Warid MinutesRS 17 (Incl. tax)1 DayDial *212#
Jazz Har Din Bundle500 Minutes+50 MBsRS 22 (Incl. tax)1 DayDial: *114*4#
Jazz Super F&F:Free 100,000 on-net minutes, 100,000 SMSRS 10 (Incl. tax)1 Day*141*Number#
Apna Shehar Package100000 Free On-Net Minutes, 1500
Free SMS to All Networks, 100
MB of Free Internet Data
RS 10 (Incl. tax)1 Day*229*Number#

Jazz to Jazz Weekly Call Packages 2020:

Jazz is also offering Jazz to Jazz Weekly Call Packages to its customers. There are also some users who want to activate a call package on weekly basis can activate to any of the following weekly call packages and can enjoy free minutes for a whole week. The activation codes of these call packages are given below.

Package Name VolumeChargesValiditySubscription Code
Mobilink Jazz Haftawar Offer:1000 Jazz + Warid Minutes, 100 SMS, 100 MB InternetRS 85 (Incl. tax)7 Days *407#
Mobilink Jazz Weekly All Network Offer1000 Free On-Net Minutes 50 Off-Net Minutes 1000MB Internet +1000SMSRs. 155 (Incl. tax)7 Days*700#
Mobilink Jazz Weekly Super Duper1500 Free On-Net Minutes 50 Off-Net Minutes 1500 SMS 3000MB InternetRs. 199 (Incl. tax)7 Days*770#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only)700 Free On-Net Minutes, 50
Free Off-Net Minutes, 700
Free SMS to All Networks, 250
MB of Free Internet Data,
RS 84 (Incl. tax)7 Days*747#
Jazz Weekly Hybrid
1000 Free On-Net Minutes Off-Net 20 Minutes 1000 SMS 500MB InternetRs.115 (Incl. tax)7 Days*407#

Jazz to Jazz Monthly Call Packages 2020:

Jazz users can also activate to Jazz to Jazz Monthly call packages by dialing the activation codes of these monthly call packages of Jazz. You can check the packages detail and activation method and charges which are as follow.

Package NameVolumeChargesValidSubscription Code
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle10,000 Free On-Net Minutes Off-Net 50 Minutes 1000 SMS 1GB Internet
10000 SMS

1000 MB Internet
Rs.444 (Incl. tax)30 Days*430#
Mobilink Jazz Monthly All Rounder Offer200 All-Network Minutes 1500 SMS 5GB Internet

5 GB Internet

1500 SMS
Rs.596 (Incl. tax)30 Days*2000#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper
3000 Jazz+Warid Minutes Off-net: 100 Minutes 3GB Internet 3000 SMSRs. 533 (Incl. tax)30 Days*706#
Jazz Super Duper Card
2000 Free On-Net Minutes 150 Off-Net Minutes 2000 SMS 2GB InternetRs.600 (Incl. tax)30 Days*601#
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer
4000 Free On-Net Minutes 200 Off-Net Minutes 4000 SMS 8GB InternetRs. 899 (Incl. tax) 30 Days*707#

These are the Jazz to jazz call packages daily 24 hours, weekly, monthly. If you want to activate any of these packages then simply dial the activation codes of these packages to enjoy the free on net minutes. 

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