How To Block Number On Warid Sim

Like other tremendous offers, Warid has also introduced how to block number on Warid Sim for its customers. So all Warid users who got disturbed from an unknown number can block that number by just simply dialing a single code. In this busy world, everyone wants to stay away from unwanted calls and SMS. It is not possible to get rid off from an annoying person except blocking him/ her number. So if you are a Warid user than yes there is good news for you that you can now block any number either it is Warid of any other number just simply dialing a single code. This offer is not only offering Call block but also offering SMS block service too. In this article, you will learn about the procedure how to block any number on warid either it is own net number or other network numbers.

How To Block Number On Warid Sim

How To Block Number On Warid Sim

Call and SMS Block Service:

In Warid Block service you can block up to 50 numbers. You can also add up to 50 numbers in whitelist. There is also the option that you can also delete any number from black or white list at any time by following the same procedure. You can also change the blacklist tone at any time. This offer is also offering you a chance to check blacklist history.

How To Block Number On Warid:

For blocking any number, first of all you have to dial *420#. Now select the option Add Number to Blacklist. Now enter the desired number that you want to block. This is the procedure for blocking a number on Warid. If you want to get help then you can send Help on 420 to get complete information.

How to Unblock Number on Warid:

If you want to know how to unblock number on Warid sim then you have to follow the same procedure. You just have to dial *420#. In this case, you have to select the unblock option to unblock the number on Warid.

Call and SMS Block Service Charges:

This offer is not free and the customer will be charged by 0.99 rupee/ day. In case you will unsub to this offer than the numbers in blacklists will be removed from the list.


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