Painting Jobs in Pakistan Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad

I begin my thoughts by starting with a quotation “Painting seems like some kind of peculiar miracle that I need to have again and again”. Hey guys, for those it’s a great news and on behalf of those youngsters who are lover of painting and are having its craze on the peek of mountain so here today I am going to onset my topic by saying that we heard this word in our daily chores painting everywhere which seems to be very common and in view it’s such a useless thing by the statement so of the various peoples that its sort of waste of time and multiple people don’t known its worth. So, here you will get this daily heard word “Painting” in its true meaning that is a wonderful profession and has acquired the shape of a profession in which number of the peoples are engaged since many centuries in from older days is loved by most of people of nowadays as well as company of young people, Basically. The painting is concerned with the sort of images, colors, textures and pigments in which an artist merge all these things and create a worth seeing image that is given by us to draw it. It grabs our attention psychologically really with great intensity and we lost in in its beauty forever and that image make a home in our heart about the creativity of an artist. This is one of the jolly, tricky and skillful profession which is not for all very few are blessed with it. The artist and painters work very pleasantly with fine quality things and they know to merge the colors and playing with that very well. As by listening its wonderful similarly it’s exactly damn a pretty and colorful pleasant profession to be had. Now, I will put some light on its importance below.

Importance of Painting:

So far guys, I have discussed about the basics of this profession now you will have my words on its importance and value so painting as I stated that it’s not only an art but it’s now a complete profession and number of the peoples are engaged in it and the brilliant thing is that people who are painters by their profession firstly hey experience a little but now they are being offered to make painting for the big exhibitions, galleries in order to make their future bright. It’s such a vast field in which you have to know about many things about painting its types, kinds, manners, patterns and much more to learn. So, guys if you are interested and possess the skills of painting must have a look on its jobs which are there in our country lying. Number of the institutes of arts have been set up to study and companies are there to do a job over their and earn your livelihood in a legal manner.

Painting Jobs in Pakistan Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad

Top Ranked Arts Institutes by HEC:

There are two institutes which are ranked by the HEC as topmost institutes of Arts namely:

  1. National College of Arts Lahore, Ranked No. 1 in Pakistan
  1. Indus valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi.

After now I will highlight some of the prominent names of the painters of Pakistan who have given their services in this profession.

Names of the Most Prominent Painters of Pakistan:

  • Sadequain
  • Abdur Rahman Chughtai
  • Ustad Haji Muhammad Sharif
  • Ahmed Parvez
  • Zubeida Agha
  • MianIjazul Hassan
  • Abdul Rahim Nagori
  • Ustad Allah Bux
  • WahabJaffer
  • Salima Hashmi
  • Khadim Ali
  • Ajaz Anwar
  • Ghulam Mustafa
  • Anna Molka Ahmed

Fringe Benefits:

As we all are familiar that every profession is having its own future and fringe benefits similar is the case that those who consider this profession as nothing so they just clean upo their mind because this is the really remarkable profession because if once you got the command over arts you can be appointed as Art Teacher in any institute or if you possess only its skills you can set up your own art gallery from you name and start selling your arts. And our community is well known that our media has reached to the top mots heights and online system so by getting famous you can work with the senior artists and showing you arts you ca earn a lot and if your arts are of level so your arts can be used for the exhibitions of different art galleries and sold out on really exorbitant prices. So, guys, don’t think this a minor thing inside its great benefits are lying which you need to dig out by reading this article.

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