Government Hajj Application Form 2017 PDF Pakistan Download

Government Hajj Application Form 2017 is available in the PDF form for the citizens of Pakistan to Download and apply. All the details are available here on this page for the all those Muslim Pakistanis to perform this annual religious obligation. This is the decision of the ministry of religious affairs that 1 lac 79 thousand and 210 Hajjis will perform the hajj obligation in this year. This will be decided by the lucky draw and the people that are lucky to be appearing in this great occasion will be decided. According to the Govt. scheme 75 thousand and 21 and by private scheme 57 thousand and 347 hajjis will perform this obligation. All the facilities will be provided to hajjis according to the rules and regulations of Saudi Govt.  All the hajjis will be provided to the 24 hours transport facilities as it was provided in the previous years. All the rules and regulations of the hajjis are as follows that they have to follow to keep themselves away from trouble.

Government Hajj Application Form 2017 PDF Pakistan Download

Government Hajj Application Form 2017 PDF Pakistan Download

Rules and regulations for Government Hajj Application Form 2017:

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Followings are the rules and regulations that are to be followed by the hajjis;

  • Hajjaj Protection Schemes that were imposed in last year will be as it were in the previous year.
  • All the Hajjis will have to submit all there forms to the banks that are recommended by Govt. or the ministry of the religious affairs.
  • The flight will take off from Pakistan to Madina and same will be its return. This will save the time and money of the people going for Hajj.
  • All the Hajjis will be allowed to take 5 liters of Aab-e-ZamZam with them from the landing airport of Pakistan.
  • As per previous years, no Hajjis will perform hajj for free.
  • The Hajjis will be sent on the trusted airlines to Saudi Arab as PIA, Saudi Airlines, Shaheen International and Air Blue.
  • The people that have performed Hajj in the previous 5 years will not be able to perform hajj in any reason
  • Fairs are decreased from the previous year from 70098 to 70095 for the south zone and from 70089 to 70086 for north area.
  • During their stay in Saudi Arab, Hajjis will pay for Hajj will include the expense of 3 times meal in Madinah, Makkah and Mina that will be available for them as it was in previous years.
  • Banks that are accepting the application forms are NBP, ABL, UBL, MCB, HBL, BOP, Bank Al-Falah, Mezan Bank.

The dates to submit the fee for Government Hajj Application Form 2017 are from 18 April to 26 April and drawings will be made soon

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