First Ramadan 2018 In Pakistan Expected Date

All Pakistani Muslims can get knowledge about first Ramadan 2018 in Pakistan expected date and Ramadan calendar 2018 so must read all information that is available for all Muslims Ramadan schedule for Sehri and Aftari. Ramadan ninth month in the Islamic calendar and Ramadan month is very peaceful and blessing month for Muslims because in this month Quran Pak was revealed. In the month of Ramadan, all Muslims will adopt fasting for 29 or 30 days after Ramadan Eid is the days for celebrated the Ramadan blessing. Ramzan is the most blessed and most beloved month of the lunar year.  This is the month when Muslims fasts and they enjoy that fasting too. This is the most favorite month of the Muslims. Ramzan is the biggest blessing of ALLAh according to the Muslim community and they believe that Ramzan is the month in which all of the sins of the Muslims can be washed out by worshiping ALLAH and by helping the needy ones. This is the reason that Muslims give SADQA and KHERAT and pay ZAKAT in this month.  When Ramadan starts in 2018 date is given. Ramazan is the time when all the Muslim community and all the Muslims became united and forget all their previous problems. This is the reason that we are giving you an update about First Ramadan 2018 In Pakistan Expected Date that brings happiness on the face of all the Muslims.

First Ramadan 2018 In Pakistan Expected Date

First Ramadan 2018 In Pakistan Expected Date

It is expected that the month of RAMADAN will be started on 16th of May 2018.

  • Lahore Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Quetta Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Peshawar Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Abbottabad Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Multan Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Dera Ismail Khan Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Hyderabad Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Azad Jammu Kashmir Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Swat Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Islamabad Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Rawalpindi Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Mandi Bahauddin Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Mianwali Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Bannu Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Sialkot Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Sargodha Ramadan Calendar 2018
  • Kohat Ramadan Calendar 2018

Ramadan Sehri and Iftar Timings 

This is the happiest moment for all the Muslims because all the Muslims are waiting for a long time for the month of Ramzan to come. Because they believe that the can make ALLAH happy and can wash away their sins by true Worship of ALLAH. To give all the Muslim community a happiness we are giving you the report about the expected date of First Ramadan 2018 In Pakistan that you were waiting for since now.After First Ramadan 2018 In Pakistan Expected Date details if you want to get different Islamic posts then visit this website main home page.

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