How To Increase IQ Level Of Brain In Urdu

It has been noticed that many of us have a good mind abilities but they don’t know how to use these abilities on right time when they are necessary. So here I have assembled some ways, tips and tricks which will help you about how to increase IQ level of brain in Urdu. Yes of course! Now you can increase your intelligence level after giving answer of some scientific questions and some mind building games and material. In 2008 A professor of University of California arranged an IQ level test “Reasoning Ability Test”. This professor divided students into two different groups and specified their names as ‘Training Group’ and the second group was named as “control group”. The control group was giving training to training group’s students and after a specified time and duration the results of training group was much better than of the control group. So the experts concluded that a human mind can build if it get some training and exercise to increase IQ level. We have keep all these points under the view and have arranged some use full methods to increase IQ level of brain in Urdu. Keep on reading below to this post.

How To Increase IQ Level Of Brain In Urdu

Tips to Increase IQ Level

  • Imaginations and Creation
  • Playing Games like Sudoku
  • Use Brain Instead of Calculator
  • Learn New Languages
  • Learn To Play Musical Instruments
  • New Experiments

You can read details about all these tips to increase your IQ level of brain in Urdu from the following image. You can click on the image below to make it bigger so that you can read it easily and can understand and follow the following methods to build your memory.

How To Increase IQ Level Of Brain In Urdu

By the regular exercise of the above written methods you can maximize your mental abilities to remember something, to calculate figures and to solve problems. You can adopt any of these tips and you will see that how your mind is getting attentive all the time and you have learned a lot with it. So this is all about how to increase IQ level of brain in Urdu. You can share your reviews and comment with us via comment box below of this passage relating to this post.


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