Ebola Virus Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention In Pakistan

Ebola virus being a very fatal disease it is essential to have basic knowledge about it, therefore we are updating you with signs and symptoms of this disease along with treatment and prevention of this disease. With the passage of time medical science have progressed a lot and helped the humanity in fighting against these fatal diseases. However medical science is always facing new challenges as more fatal diseases are being discovered. With the advancement of the medical techniques of diagnostics the human beings are getting more affected by the diseases. No logic for this but it can be assumed if we have a look of diseases in past and compare it with present times. Now we have advanced diagnostic techniques but more and more diseases are getting discovered to challenge the medical science. Ebola is one of these diseases that have killed many lives in the world. However medical science is still struggling to diagnose this disease. Ebola is a disease that is caused by a virus. World health organization is busy in research about this disease. Some successful work is already done but many of it is still remaining. To fight against this disease one must have basic information about this disease. This information can help individuals to fight with this disease.

Ebola Virus Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention In Pakistan

Ebola Virus Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention In Pakistan

Introduction of Ebola Virus

Ebola virus is an infectious disease. After the exposure to this virus patient get different signs and symptoms after a certain period of time. This is a fatal disease which leads to death due to high fever and internal bleeding. This disease is caused with the contact to the infected body fluids. If not diagnosed at the time then it can lead to the death of the patient after 6 to 16 days of the appearance of the symptoms. This disease was first seen on 1976 in Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire). Ebola was given the name after the name of the river present in Zaire because Ebola was first observed near this river.

Signs and Symptoms

Generally it is seen that the patient infected by this Ebola virus get first symptoms after 2 to 21 days. In some exceptional cases say as 5 % cases it is seen that the patient get symptoms after 21 days. Some major and most seen symptoms are listed below.

  1. A tired feel.
  2. High fever say as (100.9 °F)
  3. Severe pain in muscles and joints.
  4. Sore throat.
  5. Vomiting
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Abdominal pain.
  8. Shortness of breath and chest pain.

Treatment of Ebola Virus

This virus can be treated maybe in the near future but at present there is no specified remedy for this disease. Medical scientists are working hard to reveal the secrets of this disease to prepare a diagnostic method to cure this disease. However this disease can be temporarily treated by some serum. This serum destroys the effected cells and prevents the virus to nourish in the body. Fluids and electrolytes, oxygen, blood pressure medication and blood transfusion are temporary treatments of Ebola Virus.

Prevention of Ebola Virus

Diseases that are caused by the viruses are often prevented by the vaccination. There are many vaccines prepared to prevent many of the fatal diseases however there is no vaccine prepared yet for the Ebola Virus. It can only be prevented by avoiding the areas where this virus is active. Health care workers are required to wear masks, gloves and goggles before going to the infected areas.

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