Anti Wrinkle Home Remedies In Urdu

These days Botox plastic surgery is very popular in older women but here we want to mention Anti Wrinkle Home Remedies In Urdu for Pakistani women. After 55 ages wrinkle is showing on face and if your face is healthy then your face wrinkle is more prominent due to loss skin. Wrinkle is also called rhytide, flod but usually this is called wrinkle. In Pakistan facelift trend is getting popularity that is the big reason you can easily see different Botox and face-lift surgery clinic but according to different experts if you can adopt different tips for Wrinkle treatment then you can reduce your wrinkle with quick and easy method.

Wrinkle Causes:

  • Age factor
  • Habitual facial expressions
  • Sun damage
  • Smoking
  • Poor hydration

Natural tips for Wrinkle:

  • Drink green tea and use moisturizer and creams
  • Give Massage on your face through Omega 3
  • wash your face through cold water
  • wear sunglasses because around your eyes skin is damage under the sunlight
  • if your are smoker then remember smoking is giving high damage on your skin and this wrinkle ratio is increase 5 time more as compare to normal time
  • Tension is one big cause for wrinkle so be happy

These all things and tips is called counter treatment for wrinkle , in a case you are feeling zero out put then visit your skin doctor for further help.


Anti Wrinkle Home Remedies In Urdu

Anti Wrinkle Home Remedies In Urdu

Anti Wrinkle skin regenrate tips

Wrinkle treatment in Pakistan

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