Why You Should Be Picked For A Job

How to Answer When Asked Why You Should Be Picked for a Job.Interview is one of the most crucial and significant step in the process of any job or employment because in a formal job process the individual will be unable to make up to the job until or unless they are not appeared in the interview.There are so many tackling questions in the interview which are thrashed and bombarded towards the candidate by the employer and it is very much important for the candidate to handle them properly.

Why You Should Be Picked For a JobAmongst all these tackling and jiggling questions one inquiry which is very much important and essential in almost all the interviews is that; Why You Should Be Picked for a Job?

For this question the candidate should be very much aware of his or her strengths and qualities which might differentiate him or her from the other candidates. Below mentioned are few guidelines for the candidates to deal with this compulsory and often asked question in the job interview;

  • For this question the candidate should focus on all of this skills and strengths which will enable him or her to differentiate from the other candidates which have appeared for the same job vacancy.
  • While elaborating the skills and strengths to initially focus only those skills and strengths which will be the important constituent in performing that respective job only. This will give the employer a hint that your skills are highly matching to the job position and its requirement and will make him think that you are the right person for that respective job.
  • If you have any job experience which is similar to this job position in which your job duties are pretty much the same, so do emphasize on it and highlight it properly. do mention your employer that how you have coped up with that previous job and how you were being able to deal with all the job requirements, as this will give the employer a think that you have the experience in the particular field and job position so you will be more capable of performing this task as compared to the other candidates.
  • While dealing with such question the main aim behind the answer should be the selling of yourself, if you will be unable to sell yourself to the employer than you will be unable to obtain the job, so present yourself as you are the most suitable candidate for that respective job post and you will prove the employer that once you are selected you will be the best human resource for the organization.

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