Why Students Are Disrespectful To Teachers

In the present world one of the most concerned topic and the threatening one is the ethical disrespect between the youngsters and the adults, this is not the case in any specific area of the world or even in any respective country but this problem prevails in every corner of the globe. The youngsters have forgotten to respect their elders and that’s why the relationships in the present era are very short timed and concise, when this comes to the relationship between the students and the teachers than the situation becomes even worse, where there is disrespect and lack of concern for the teachers amongst the students and in severe cases this disrespect in being converted in to physical and verbal abuse which is the extreme of ethical violence.

Why Students Are Disrespectful To TeachersThere are so many reasons behind this behavior and amongst which few of them are being highlighted below;

  • The very core reason for this disrespect is that the students have forgotten the respect and the considerations of the elders, and this is just because they consider themselves superior than everybody and simply cannot accept anyone on them to be ruling and to administrating them. That is one basic reason for which the students misbehaves and disrespect the teachers, either in class or even anywhere.
  • Co-education is one major reason for which the misbehaving of students with their teachers have been increased dramatically, this is a very sensitive phenomenon where the students are not willing to compromise on their self-respect and in order to secure their dignity they are no hesitant to misbehave with the teachers. The major reason for this is that when the male and female students are studying together than they consider them very much superior and once the teacher says something very minute to the student to either male or female, they makes the issue to their self-respect and to remain very much prominent and stud in the class they don’t think before misbehaving and disrespecting the teachers.
  • The casual attitudes of the class and the students have even made the condition worse, because through this attitude and behavior the teachers have lost their traditional respect and significance. The students are so much violent and casual that they don’t think before they speak and the conditions become even more favorable for the students when they are being presented with the universal law of the schools that the students should not be physically punished or threatened, this even gives the complete license to the students to disrespect and misbehave with their teachers.

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