Why Pakistani Students Choose UK For Study

Here is reason why Pakistani students choose UK for study? Passing college life every student aims to build a bright career for himself. For this purpose a foreign degree has always been an attractive option. This trend has been followed by many Pakistani’s who have got a foreign degree and have got a job of their desired salary and job nature after returning to Pakistan. Among foreign degrees UK has been a place which accepted many Pakistani students and has been their hot choice. According to a research around 20000 Pakistani students chose UK for higher education in the year 2013-14. There are various reasons for it in which the one of the most major reason is to attain worth in degree at job sector. for example one holding a foreign qualification is more demanded then a student holding local degree. Foreign students have to get an equivalence letter from Inter Board of Committee of Chairman (IBCC) Islamabad. Even medical students/ engineering students and other faculties are only continuation in Pakistan after this certificate that is obtained by the UK universities.

Why Pakistani Students Choose UK For Study

Why Pakistani Students Choose UK For Study

A big problem a student faces while choosing the country for higher education is the local language of that country or the media in education. In this case UK attracts Pakistani students because of its local and professional language being English. Apart from a foreign degree students are attracted by their improved communication skills in English which is a very impressive and highly demanded thing in Pakistan. British qualifications are recognized and respected around the world. The UK enjoys a reputation for unsurpassed quality throughout the world. Studying in UK means students can look forward to better career prospects and higher potential earnings. British degree courses tend to be shorter than those in other countries, which saves you money.

For example, most UK undergraduate degrees take only three years, and most postgraduate Master’s courses can be completed in just one year instead of two. The quality is the same as for longer degrees. This saves money in both ways, the living expense as well as the academic fee. Except for these two benefits it also saves your 1 year during which you can pursue your career and start earning a year before the others.

The UK has welcomed international students for generations, and there are many systems in place to help you make the transition. The perception that British people are as cold as their climate is totally wrong. Applying to a British educational institution is easy. Once you arrive in the UK, you will find a network of support services to smooth the way, such as counseling, academic support, social facilities, guaranteed accommodation for the first year, and specialist advisers. These services will help you settle in and get the most from your educational experience. By choosing the UK, you will be joining the thousands of other international students who come here each year. You will leave with excellent educational qualifications and the experience to carry with you throughout your life.

The UK still has a high quality of education and has a good reputation among the leading industries of the world. High quality education and easy means of applying with feasible fee justifies the fact that the UK is the first choice for Pakistani students to study.


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