Why do students get depressed when they enter university

Why do students get depressed when they enter university and how you can overcome hesitation.It is a very common observation that the students when they enter the university they start to feel depressed and fell uncomfortable. It is not the same case with all the students but majority goes through this situation when they enter the university. Through this topic we can analyze and observe two situations, the first is that the students feel depressed when they enter the campus of their university and the second perception can be that they feel depress when they enter the university life.

Why Do Students Get Depressed When They Enter UniversityStudents do feel depressed and tensed when they enter the campus of the university. Psychologists have observed these situations and have derived several reasons and conclusions for this type of behavior. It is being assumed that few students done have the mindset of sitting in the class and taking the lectures as they feel bored and tensed by this so this is one big reason that such type of students feel very much tensed and depressed when they enter the university campus. The other very major reason behind this situation is that students are more interested in other activities that might include roaming, entertainment, get together with friends so by leaving all these attractive entertainments when the students enter the university for the purpose of studding this depress them a lot.

Psychiatrists have examined such behavior and have concluded that few students have exam phobia that means they are terrified with the exams and that is one fear which is inculcated in their minds. The students might feel fear, tension and even depression when they enter the university on those days which they have any exam or any test.

The other perception behind this statement is that student feels tension and depression when they enter in their university life. This is also a very valid perception because students feel the pressure of being moving in their professional lives and the pressure of earning is one major reason behind this mental behavior. These students become more dull and weak just because they remain very worried regarding being left in the brutal competitive world. Such students should be given the confidence and should be treated properly because such tensed and dull students will be unable to be successful in their professional lives and should focus only on their academic situations because taking the task step by step will be very much productive.

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