Why Boys Underperform In School

The brief discussion about Why Boys Under perform In School? School life is the one which develops a child into a teenager. It teaches him/her the basics that he/she should follow to become successful in life. In this age of immaturity children study and also lean to some naughty activities. It is noticed that it is boys that deviate more from studies and under perform in school as compared to girls. There may be many reasons why boys under perform at school due to different activities, nature and psychology of both genders.

Why Boys Underperform In SchoolThere are many social factors that are affecting the academic performance of boys which is not linked with how they are being taught. They are exposed to same teaching standards and environment as girls but still they are lacking in every aspect of their academic life. It is not that girls are more intelligent than boys, there are intelligent girls and there are intelligent boys. The key to success in academics is excellence is focus and application. This is where girls may take lead over boys. Generally boys are more active and naughty in nature than girls.

This habit of them makes them non serious in class. Once they are not concentrating on what their teachers are teaching them, they will surely loose marks and finally score, less in comparison to girls. Community pressure is another major reason for boys under performing at school. Across the nation many boys live in communities where certain values must be strictly followed. They must be a part of corner gatherings, sports, smoking and bullying around if they want to get the so called respect they crave for. They do not want to be misfit and so they adopt this line.

Girls think they are more intelligent, hardworking and successful than boys since they are 4-5 years old and majority of boys start agreeing to this view reaching the age of 8-10 years. Throughout primary and secondary school teachers show less expectations from boys than from girls. Girls performance are boosted up by teachers confidence that they show towards the belief that girls will outdo boys in academic performances. Similarly boys may under perform due to lack of confidence their teachers show and assuming that they can’t perform well. This demoralizes them a lot.

Boys nowadays are intelligent and bright but all what is needed is to give them confidence, avoid gender bias and motivate them to perform well. Teachers should be discouraged from using phrases that degrade boys in comparison to girls.

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