Which Province In Pakistan Comparatively Has The Best Education System

Education is considered to be the most important and worthy ministry in Pakistan and initially it was being directly controlled by the federal government but once the 18th Amendment was being accepted in the parliament than the education ministry was being shared in between the provincial and the federal government, the majority of the control was being delegated to the respective provinces of Pakistan.

So the battle between the provinces is on and each of the provinces is willing to introduce a better educational plan and not just to introduce but at the same time is willing to implement as well. Here is the comparison between the provinces of Pakistan as far as the education system and policies are concerned.

Punjab which has a very strong education system which was being initially set by the Pervez Ellahi in the regime of General Musharaf is being moved forward by the chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. The education in Punjab is considered to be the best educational system in the country where the literacy rate in Punjab is almost 61% which is the highest amongst all the provinces in the country which determines that education has been improved.

But with the passage of time the focus of the Punjab government is being shifted from education to other plans and development which might affect the educational growth in the province. In Punjab it was made necessary for the parents to send their children to school at least for their primary education. The distribution of laptops, solar lamps and scholarships were all steps to improve the education system in Punjab.

Sindh has also a very strong education system in which they have adopted a well crafted modern education system as they have the second best literacy rate in the country which is almost up to 59%. In the previous year which was 2012 the education budget by Sindh was 139 billion which has reduced this time that states that Sindh is also shifting the focus from education to other issues like terrorism and law and order situation. On the other hand Baluchistan has the lowest education budgets as well as literacy rate as they are least bothered to improve their education system as in the year 2013 the education budget of the province was as low as 34.89 billion rupees.

In the upcoming years which will be the coming 3 to 4 years it is seemed the KPK will be leading the education system through their effective and crucial education policies as compared to other provinces. In KPK Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is setting the foundation of one of the most influential educational systems in the province in which they have announced the education budget of 66 billion; the proportion of which is the most by any province in the year 2013 and beside it they will be taking the most significant step that will be unifying the syllabus at each level which will eliminate the discrimination of the educational systems at the same time English medium is being made compulsory at all levels and the most important step is the campaign in which they will enroll those students which don’t go to school, as according to the survey there are more than 2.6 Million such students and if this provincial government is able to get this number of children in schools it will be the greatest success for them.

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