What Is Peer Tutoring In Classroom

So Many Students among you must want to know What Is Peer Tutoring In Classroom. Peer tutoring is the latest invention in the teaching methodologies where the students are being made in pairs and are being given the tasks in which they help each other in accomplishing it. The teacher does not play the role of instructing and tutoring in this regard, and the peers and the friends which are being made in the pair or groups tutoring each other to accomplish the assigned task.

Peer Tutoring

What Is Peer Tutoring In ClassroomIn the peer tutoring it might involve the partners and the group fellows to be of the same or different ages, while in cross sectional peer tutoring the elder students are being given the opportunity and the task to tutor the young students. In the peer tutoring cross gender tutoring is also one common practice in which the pair is being made in between one male and one female student or in the same equal or different ratio.

In the peer tutoring where the students of the same age are being made in the groups in such cases the students which have high understanding and are bright and intelligent students of the class are being associated and paired with the weak and dumb students of the same class. In this activity the weak students are given the opportunity to learn from their peers who are more intelligent and have more grip on the understanding, so through this activity the knowledge and the understanding is being shared amongst all the students of the class irrespective of the level of knowledge and understanding which the individuals have.

In few cases the peer tutoring is being given the practical demonstration by pairing the students of same caliber and understanding with each other as this will give the tough time to the students to make them understand the concepts with clarity to those who also have the same level of knowledge. This is done to improve the capability of the individuals by giving them assignments and tasks which are pretty different and at the same time pretty tackling as compared to the previous mentioned peer tutoring techniques.

There are various different methods which are being used in the development of the peer tutoring program in any of the educational institutions, these various methods are being created to increase the practice of the students, enhance their responding ability and beside it should motivate and develop the feedback for the students and by the students as well.

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