What Is Difference Between Matric and O Level In Pakistan

Difference Between Matric and O Level In Pakistan? Pakistan is a country in which there are various kinds of educational systems which are being followed, and this is one major reason for the failure of educational system in Pakistan. The two major education systems which are being displayed in the country includes the Matric which is the national educational system of Pakistan and the second in O-Levels which is the British educational system and is being followed as per the British System. This is one of the biggest problems which the students in Pakistan faces is that they are being hanged in the center with the confusion that which way they should go; either they should opt for the matriculation or they should go for the O-Levels.

What Is Difference Between Matric and O Level In Pakistan
What Is Difference Between Matric and O Level In Pakistan

 There is significant difference between the two educational systems and few of these differences are being highlighted below;

  • The very basic difference between the two systems is that Matric is the educational system of the country and is considered to be the national system of Pakistan and on the other hand O-Levels is the system which is based on the British educational style and is being opted from the abroad.
  • Matric education is cheaper and is more convenient as compared to the O-Levels education. O-Levels education is pretty much expensive and that is one reason that these two educational systems have made various financial sections and differentiations amongst the students where the children of poor are being given the Matric education while the students who belongs to strong and wealthy students are being given the education of O-Levels.
  • When we compare the quality and the standards of education than O-Levels is far more superior as compared with the matric because the system is being adopted from the British educational styles which are being appreciated in the entire world.
  • Matric is the educational system which is only being recognized in Pakistan because of its national pattern and on the other hand the O-Levels system is being recognized and appreciated in entire world because of its worthy image.
  • The communication and teaching styles is totally different in both the educational systems as in the Matric education the national language which is Urdu is being more preferred while on the other side in O-Levels only English language is being used in communication and even in the delivering of knowledge and the teaching methodology because O-Levels is the educational system of the world which means they will prefer and promote the official language of the world.
  • In Pakistan the preference is given to the matric education due to its nationality and its existence while the O-Level is being discouraged by the majority of the country nationals on all the respective phases and scales.

So these are the mall about what is difference between Matric and O Level in Pakistan. Hope you have understand about what field you will choose after your eight class in school.

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