The most profitable business in Pakistan

It is surely a million dollar question for the people of Pakistan that out of all the respective businesses which one of the most profitable one in the critical situation of Pakistan. There are several businesses which have the potential of creating thousands of profit but amongst all these businesses the most successful business which is also considered as the most profit generating business is the livestock business including the poultry shed. The weather and environment of Pakistan supports perfectly to the livestock business and poultry farms. Although there are several standards which are being set by the government which should be the met and once they are met than its all profit generation.

The Most Profitable Business In Pakistan

In Pakistan controlled shed are being diploid and poultry business is only allowed to the controlled shed where all the processes are being controlled with the modern technology. This restriction has further increased the profit margin because such controlled processes has ultimately increased the life span of the chicken and has reduced the death and diseases flowing amongst the stock. The food business is one of the most successful and everlasting business in Pakistan because whatever happens to the society as well as the economy people are fond of eating so business of food at any stage either the raw material, processing or even the finish goods will highly prevail in the country like Pakistan. The stats are the best proof and example which can claim that the business is one f the most profitable business in Pakistan as when the chicks are being purchased they cost almost 35 to 40 PKR per chick and after their feeding they are being sold to almost 200 per Kg so this tells the entire stats as during one single shift one controlled shed produces more than 50,000 chicks so the overall profit is mountainous and enormous.

According to a rough estimate it is being calculated that almost 80 PKR are being invested o a single chick during its production which includes the feeding as well as the vaccinations and treatment excluding the purchasing cost of the chick, so ultimately this business will give more than 90 to 100 PKR profit per chick to the owner, the only focus and emphasis of the producers should be on the controlled shed which are quiet expensive and are not in the range of many of the people living in Pakistan that is why the poultry business is not that much common in the people and very few people have kept them indulged themselves in this business but still there is space for more involvement as well as more improvement in technology and the way of production. So while looking for the most profitable business in Pakistan one should not neglect the Poultry farm business.

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