Student Loan in Pakistan

You can get Student Loan in Pakistan for study abroad. Student loan is one of the salient features of the modern banking system in Pakistan where the students are being given an interest free loan for the purpose of acquiring their education and meeting their educational expenses. In this regard numerous banks have stood and have realized their responsibility in assisting such students who are competent and still unable to make their educational expense, so to avoid the wastage of such assets of the state the banks are offering the student loan so that no financial hurdle should disturb their career. Amongst the various banks few of those who are quiet popular and famous in providing interest free student loan includes the following;

Students Loan Scheme in Pakistan

  • National bank of Pakistan (NBP).
  • United Bank Limited (UBL).
  • Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB).
  • Allied Bank Limited (ABL).
  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL).
  • Meezan Bank Limited.
  • Al-Baraka Bank
  • Bank Islami Pakistan
  • Dubai Islamic Bank
  • Dawood Islamic Bank Limited
  • Bank Alfalah
  • Standard Chartered Bank.

The students are provided with the loans after their enrollment in any of the categories of education which might include the disciplines of Technical, Scientific, medical or even professional education in Pakistan and at the same time they can apply for the loan at any level or stage of their educational career which might include graduation, post-graduation or PhD level.

It is to be noted that the student loan which is being offered by the banks of Pakistan will cover the educational fee, boarding charges and textbook expenses, any expense made other than that will be charged to the student. When the students are being provided with the student loan will be abiding to repay it to the respective bank in a maximum of 10 years after the date of disbursement of the loan. The installments will be initiated from the completion of one year after the respective education for which the loan was being taken. The other condition is after the completion of one year of obtaining the job, any of the situations can be implemented on the basis of which comes first.

According to the policy of the banks they have created a list of 71 approved colleges and the universities of Pakistan; comprising of Sindh, Baluchistan, Islamabad, Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas, as the student will be eligible to apply for the student loan only if the student will be able to secure the admission in any one of the 71 approved educational institutions. The following is the link which will provide you with the names of these 71 approved educational institutions of Pakistan.


  1. Sir!
    I am a student of bsc mechanical engineering.As I have completed my bsc now I want to study abroad for master in my discipline…..the university requirements for fee are 3.3 millions pkr….how I can get loan?

    • you cant get any loan from any bank from any place from any president from any prime minister from any country in the world. go get some juice for your self and then take a bath with cold water in winter and hot in summer.

    • get some money from some one ,deposit in your account,apply for loan ,when loan accepted,get that cash out of your acount and return to the owner of the money .you will have loan in your account

  2. I want to apply for student loan abroad for 70000 for my first semester. I wanna study in Australia,Melbourne. Is it possible or me to get it as Ill mortage my property and it’s value is 4,00000

  3. I want loan for my further studies in Canada in Hons plx give me the loan so i can go there and continue my studies its honour to you for providing mr the loan

  4. I want loan for my further studies in Canada in Hons plx give me the loan so i can go there and continue my studies its honour to you for providing mr the loan i am very thankful to u for this act of kindnesss thanx alot

  5. i want to get intrst free loan (qara e hasna ) for study, im doing mba, how can i get it quickly???? tell me plzzzzz….

  6. Ihave complited all the formalaties for the admission in oregan state university and i am in need of 10,00000 rupees only my parents want to mannage it through mortaging their property for student loan.Is it possible.How can i proceed for geting the loan early

  7. Hi. Can I have lone for pursuing a year vocational course in engineering form Canada. I am done with my graduation in BS Telecommunication and I do have a semester study experience in the United States. Please acknowledge me soon in this regard.

    Muhammad Irshad

  8. i want to get loan to study in Dubai for diploma international hospitality management. Please inform me can i get loan

  9. I wanna get loan,i m a medical student in 4th year studying in europe,can any one tell me how can i get it??thnkx

  10. i want to loan for engineering in malaysia east universty i got 65% in ist year islamabad
    please any one tell me how i get ?

  11. I want loan for travel expenses to Australia from 2014-2017 to pursue P.hD .recently completed M.Phil from Q.A.U , Islamabad.plz do tell me whole procedure for that and maximum amount u can grant?


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