Should Students Wear Uniforms

Should Students Wear Uniforms? One of the very hot and constantly repeated debates are being done on the topic that whether the students should be made restricted to wearing the uniforms by the respective educational institutions. In this regard there are various valid arguments which are being made in both the favor as well as in against of this statement, but as far as the majority is being concerned they are in the favor of the uniforms at least at the school and college level.

should students wear uniformsThe extension might be given in the universities and higher studies but in college and schools the students should be restricted to wear the respective uniform of the institutions. There are various influences in this cause amongst which few of them are being stated below;

  • The very first argument in the favor of uniforms is that it gives the identification to the educational institutions, if the students of the respective schools will follow the prescribed uniforms than it will become the identity of not only the schools but also for the students and will act as the point of pride and dignity of both the students and the educational institutions in the society.
  • One of the very significant and crucial argument in this regard is that the uniforms reduce the differentiation amongst the students as the discrimination of wealth and status is reduced in fact is being eliminated through this restriction. This is because if the uniform restriction is up lifted then the students will be allowed to wear what they will like and in this the students from wealthy families will keen to wear expensive branded cloths while the poor will not be able to afford it. This will inculcate the sense of poverty and the sense of inferiority complex in the students which¬†might be dangerous for their future.
  • The other very major argument in the favor of uniforms is to avoid the unethical and unacceptable dressings of the students that might be injurious for the sake of the educational institutions and the society. Once the students are being given the freedom of wearing the clothes what they like might give the unwanted liberty to the students to wear the clothes which they wish and which they considered as acceptable but that might not be acceptable for the educational and ethical considerations and the environment of the educational institutions, so in this regard it is beneficial for both the students and the institutions to opt and accept school uniforms.

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